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  • innovationlabs_feat
    Research Report

    Innovation Labs: Getting Started & Delivering Results

    What exactly is an innovation lab? For our report on innovation labs, we talked to more than 20 executives at companies like Walmart, Home Depot, IKEA, and others.

  • COVER - Hiring
    Research Report

    How Innovation Teams Bring on Top Talent

    This report explores how companies are getting the budget they need; describing the roles they’ve created; and more. It also includes more than 20 recent job descriptions.

  • benchmarking2015
    Research Report

    Benchmarking Report 2015

    We surveyed nearly 200 innovation leaders, and the result is Innovation Benchmarking Report 2015, a report that gives focus to data that can help solve innovators’ challenges. Download the 40-page study here…

  • COVER - Metrics
    Research Report

    Untangling Innovation Metrics

    Measuring innovation has come up in every interview, conversation, and Field Study. This report captures what we’ve learned so far — both what executives are tracking today, and what they’re still working to capture.

  • comp-report-small-cover
    Research Report

    How Innovation Execs Are Paid

    What’s the average salary for a VP Innovation? What about Directors or Catalysts? Does company size or reporting structure impact pay? Find out in our compensation survey…

  • workingwithstartups-300x200
    Research Report

    Working with Startups

    Innovation Leader’s Q1 “Peer to Peer” report explores the ways that leading companies are tracking, investing in, and partnering with entrepreneurs and disruptive startups in their industries. Download the 25-page PDF…