Podcast Tackles the Biggest Challenges in Corporate Innovation with Advice from Reporters, Academics, and Innovation Executives


BOSTON — Innovation Leader, a fast-growing media and events company with a laser focus on helping the world’s largest companies build their competitive advantage, has launched a new podcast, “Innovation Answered,” the podcast for corporate innovators.

Published every Tuesday and hosted by producer Kaitlin Milliken, “Innovation Answered” features interviews with academics, reporters, and senior innovation executives from the world’s largest companies. The first season will cover topics like what kills an innovation initiative, millennials and disruption, business model innovation, digital transformation, creating a startup culture at big companies, and what it’s really like to be an innovation executive in a big company.

“Earlier this year, we asked our readership — innovation, strategy and R&D leaders in big organizations — about new ways they wanted to receive our content,” said Scott Kirsner, CEO and editor-in-chief, Innovation Leader. “A podcast was one of the things they highlighted that we weren’t yet doing.”

“Innovation Answered” is part of a new wave of multimedia editorial offerings that Innovation Leader will introduce, as the company expands its commitment in 2019 to producing high-quality, 100 percent original  digital content.

The first season includes interviews with current and former innovation executives including Rick Paster, director, corporate development at Walmart, Rick Waldron, principal at Horizon Arc and former vice president of innovation strategy & partnerships at Nike, and well-known innovation experts such as Steve Blank, the father of modern entrepreneurship. It addresses questions like:

  • What is it really like to be an innovation executive at a large company?
  • Are millennials really killing established brands?
  • What kills innovation initiatives? What can you do to survive?

You can listen and subscribe to “Innovation Answered” at InnovationLeader.com/Podcast, or on iTunesSpotifyStitcher, and SoundCloud, and stay up-to-date on all Innovation Leader news by subscribing to our newsletter here.

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