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  • Podcast Season 2 Episode 1

    Inside the Mind of Clay Christensen


    How do Clay Christensen’s ideas apply in 2019? Innovation Leader’s Scott Kirsner discusses his coverage of Christensen. Clips from interviews with Christensen are played throughout.

  • BonusContent_StateofInnovation

    The State of Innovation 2019


    What are corporate innovators thinking about in 2019? We sat down with Professor Gary Pisano of Harvard Business School and Innovation Leader’s Scott Kirsner to find out.

  • BonusContent_Future of Mobility

    Lyft, Tesla & the Future of Mobility


    What will the future of mobility look like? We talked to Jon McNeill, COO of Lyft, about what consumers can expect moving forward. Jon also discussed his experience at Tesla.

  • Podcast Season 1 Episode 8

    Startup Culture in Big Companies


    Can big companies behave like startups and capture their culture? To find out, we interviewed Steve Blank, a key player in the lean startup movement. This episode also features insights from Lyft COO Jon McNeill.

  • Podcast Season 1 Episode 7

    Innovating the World of Sports


    What’s disrupting the world of sports, and how are teams adapting? To find out, we talked with Angela Ruggiero of the Sports Innovation Lab, and Jack Elkins of the Orlando Magic.

  • Podcast Season 1 Episode 6

    Moving Fast…Full Speed Ahead!


    Can a big, slow company really move fast? And is faster necessarily better? To find out, we talked to Rachael Schwartz, formerly of Keurig. This episode also features Trip Advisor CEO Steve Kaufer.

  • Podcast Season 1 Episode 5

    What’s Digital Transformation, Anyway?


    What’s the right strategy for making digital transformation? To find out, we interviewed Patrick Bass, the CEO at thyssenkrupp North America, and Marcelo De Santis, formely of Mondelez International and Pirelli. 

  • Podcast Season 1 Episode 4

    (Better) Business Model Innovation


     Can changing your business model make your company an innovation powerhouse? We sit down with Rick Paster of Walmart Global eCommerce and Mark Johnson of Innosight to find out. 

  • Podcast Season 1 Episode 3

    The Ex-Files


    What is it really like to head innovation at a large company? We talked to former innovation executives from Nike and Manulife John Hancock to find out — warts and all.

  • Podcast Season 1 Episode 2

    Those Darned Millennials


    Are millennials really killing established brands? We sat down with Nondini Naqui, a millennial engagement consultant and former CEO of Society of Grownups, to find out.

  • Podcast Season 1 Episode 1

    The Innovation Survival Guide


    What kills innovation initiatives at large companies? And what can you do to survive? To find out we talked to Innovation Leader’s Editor Scott Kirsner and Assistant Editor Kelsey Alpaio.