Photos: Silicon Valley Roundtable on Creating Customer-Led Experiences

In late February, we brought together 15 innovation and R&D leaders from large organizations in San Mateo, Calif. The gathering was hosted by EmbraerX, the disruptive innovation group that is part of the Brazilian aerospace company Embraer.

These “Underground” roundtables are off-the-record, primarily because they’re designed to enable a group of peers to openly discuss issues they’re grappling with — in this case, related to creating customer-led experiences. Two breakout discussions focused on best practices related to working with the startup ecosystem, and shepherding successful pilot projects toward larger-scale roll-outs.

Our favorite (anonymous) comment from the gathering, about the conflicts that can sometimes emerge when companies try to move fledgling products and services toward the market: “Innovation usually starts off as something small and cute, but then it gets hungry and big.” That’s when internal conflicts and resource issues can start…

Our co-hosts for this event were Nick Semple, Jim Morgan, and Jess Rosenberg of PA Consulting.

If you’re a corporate innovation, strategy, or R&D leader and you’d like to join an upcoming Underground, you can request an invite here. Our next roundtable gatherings will be in Boston on June 20 and Chicago on July 11.


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