Video: Pfizer’s Wendy Mayer on Creating Transformative Change in Large Organizations

Wendy Mayer, VP of Strategy at Pfizer, explains the need to separate incremental innovation work from transformational efforts; why its important to have “a framework and a process to guide you”; and how you demonstrate value and get senior leadership buy-in. Short video inside…

Pfizer’s Daniel Seewald: Where Design Thinking Breaks Down—and How to Avoid It

Daniel Seewald, Senior Director of Worldwide Innovation at Pfizer, discusses design thinking, and what you can do to ensure that your designers are using effective techniques to build an appropriate foundation for customer insight. His recommendations include defining the problem, seperating process from content, and more.

Inside J&J’s New Initiative to ‘Intercept’ Diseases

The pharmaceutical industry typically develops new drugs to help manage diseases.  But a new project inside Johnson & Johnson posits a different model: what if you could identify people at risk of developing a disease, and create products to stave it off? Ben Wiegand, head of the Disease Interception Accelerator, explains what they’re up to.

How business units get involved with J&J’s network of innovation centers

When J&J makes a new investment in a startup, “50 percent of the deal funding from J&J Innovation, and the business unit provides the other 50 percent,” explains Darren Snellgrove, Chief Financial Officer for J&J Innovation. “We have found that both sides having skin in the game, and a say in the decision making is an important component of success.” More insights inside…

Learnings and slides from Pfizer’s work to foster a culture of innovation

What happens if lots of divisions in a global company come up with their own approach to innovation? “If you don’t have a common vernacular, if you don’t have a common culture, if you don’t have the same frame of reference,” says Pfizer exec Dan Seewald, “then you lose the scalability and the impact of having one program, one mindset, and one social movement.” Inside, details on the Pfizer “Dare to Try” innovation initiative, which Seewald oversees.

Cardinal Health SVP offers a look inside customer-focused Fuse lab

“When you come to Fuse, it’s all about the customers. It’s customer-in,” says Cardinal Health SVP and CTO Brent Stutz. Visiting employees and executives “leave their business unit affiliations and their badges behind.” Here’s a look inside…

“Process kills innovation”: Merck exec’s advice on fostering innovation in a global business

When it comes to innovating across the globe and in emerging markets, Merck’s head of commercial innovation is adamant about streamlining processes and paperwork. “If you need ten steps and three forms to fill in for every idea you have, nobody is going to do it,” says Wim Vandenhouweele. Inside, his advice for building a global innovation capability in a highly-regulated industry…

How the lab at Express Scripts leverages data to predict — and prevent — healthcare problems

The Express Scripts Lab, which opened in 2010, roughly tripled in headcount last year and now houses more than 100 employees. One area of focus: working with data to better predict which patients will need extra nudges to stick to a medication regime. We talk with one of the executives who leads it, Mark Bini.

How Pfizer disrupted the traditional innovation conference

A senior R&D leader at pharmaceutical giant Pfizer raved to us last November about the innovation gathering he’d just been to. “It was like TEDMED meets ‘The Apprentice,'” he said, which didn’t sound anything like the typical innovation conference put on by a major multi-national. We asked Julio Corredor, who organized the event, to tell us how he structured it and what made it work.

How Roche pursues patient-centric innovation; inside the ‘Imaginarium’

Global Head of Innovation Management Sheila Babnis offers an inside look at how the Swiss pharma giant’s innovation function was created and how it operates today, including tight partnerships with business units. “We find that doing innovation within the business, it sticks much better than if it’s done to the business,” Babnis says. Includes a downloadable PDF overview of Roche’s “Imaginarium” approach to design thinking and prototyping…

Innovation gaffes: How rocket turtle was communication bust

Changing culture within an established organization is a huge challenge. And there’s always the impulse to make it fun, or to create an icon or image that represents something aspirational. But communicating the wrong thing can spark an employee backlash.

How J&J is building its global network of innovation centers

The healthcare giant, headquartered in New Jersey, is opening innovation centers in Silicon Valley, Shanghai, London, and Boston. Robert Urban, who heads the Boston Innovation Center for Johnson & Johnson, explains how it is staffed; his mandate; and J&J’s new thinking around collaborating with healthcare startups. Includes an audio interview with Urban and a look at the Boston office.