New York City Roundtable on Organizational Agility and Emerging Tech

In late March, we brought together 15 innovation and R&D leaders from large organizations in New York City. The gathering was hosted by Samsung NEXT, the innovation group within Samsung Electronics dedicated to identifying new growth opportunities.

Our roundtables are off-the-record, primarily because they’re designed to enable a group of peers to openly discuss issues they’re grappling with — in this case, related to organizational agility, or a company’s ability to respond to rapid change. Our co-host for the event, PA Consulting, defines five steps on the path to organization agility:

  1. Center on your customer
  2. Speed up time to value
  3. Design for simplicity
  4. Build to evolve
  5. Liberate your people.

While discussing that last concept, one attendee commented, “language matters.” When trying to train colleagues on methodologies such as lean startup or design thinking, it’s sometimes helpful to leave the innovation terminology behind. They may be more interested to learn how the concepts help them directly, rather than because it’s the latest innovation technique.

If you’re a corporate innovation, strategy, or R&D leader and you’d like to join an upcoming roundtable, you can request an invite here. Our next roundtable gatherings will be in Boston on May 16 and Chicago on July 11.


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