NYSE Euronext’s innovation chief shares his ‘3P Compass’

Dieter Eisinger leads the Innovation Office at the global stock exchange giant NYSE Euronext, where he also serves as Chief Procurement Officer and Chief Administrative Officer. In these roles, he is responsible for all global sourcing, post-merger integration, and strategic cost reduction initiatives. Prior to NYSE Euronext, Eisinger was a consultant and practice director with Bain & Company and CSC Index advising companies in the banking, capital markets, insurance and manufacturing industries on strategic and operational topics. His essay on how the 3P Innovation Compass helped NYSE Euronext rebound from the 2008 financial crisis will appear in “Innovation Alchemists,” a forthcoming e-book.


dieterI hated learning Latin.  When I was in seventh grade memorizing Virgil’s poems with my Viennese classmates, I had no idea the phrase novus ordo seclorum is on the back of every dollar bill. I had no idea I would one day move to the United States and build a family, no idea I would have to renew my own self to adapt to America, and most certainly no idea that I would have the privilege of walking through the golden doors of the New York Stock Exchange every day for eight years, working in the vortex of change.

Changing Exchanges

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