Nora Swidey

Nora Swidey

Nora Swidey, InnoLead's Editorial Intern, helps create video content and website content. She is a rising junior at Stanford University, majoring in Political Science with a minor in Symbolic Systems. She previously did research with the Stanford Summer Research College and interned with Cape Media News.

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  • ETR-NYSE-2022

    Member Spotlight: Djuana Stoakley, Entergy


    Djuana Stoakley is the Lead Strategic Designer at KeyString Labs. KeyString Labs is the innovation branch of Entergy Corporation, an integrated energy company which delivers electricity to three million customers in the southern United States. We spoke with Stoakley as part of our IL Member Spotlight Series.

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    Innovating County Government: Internet Hotspots, Training, and Challenge-Based Procurement


    In the midst of the pandemic, residents of Cuyahoga County without access to the internet at home struggled to stay connected in an increasingly digital world. The Cuyahoga County Office of Innovation and Performance responded quickly, setting up internet hotspots across the county.

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    Inside the New ‘InnovationHQ’ at MIT


    MIT’s InnovationHQ stands on the eastern edge of the university’s campus, amidst several on-going construction projects. On one side of the street, Google continues to expand its Cambridge office, and on the other is a building with the MIT-appropriate address of 314 Main Street. It houses a new Boeing R&D center, the MIT Press Bookstore, and the MIT Museum.

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    Video: What are Some Examples of Fourth Industrial Revolution Deployments?


    We spoke with Chris Docherty, Senior Innovation Advisor at Planbox, as part of our Fourth Industrial Revolution series. Docherty shared some interesting use cases for 4IR technology, including companies like Ecco and Novartis.

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    Spinning Out from Shell: A CEO Shares Advice


    Cumulus Digital Solutions, a Cambridge startup that uses software and sensors to analyze and record the quality of manual work, spun out of the Shell TechWorks innovation center in 2016. Co-founder and CEO Matthew Kleiman discussed how he and his team spun out Cumulus from Shell; why spin-outs fail so often; how Cumulus avoided that fate; and advice for startups looking to work with large corporations. 

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    Healthcare Leaders Discuss the Biggest Trends of 2022


    At our most recent event, we gathered several healthcare leaders to chat about the most impactful trends in the industry this year. Prashant Srivastrava of Innosight, Caroline Pepek of MassBio, and Julia Jackson of Takeda shared their thoughts. One of the most impactful trends? Consumer expectations for a customized experience. 

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    Event Photo Gallery

    Photos: InnoLead’s Summer Gathering in Cambridge


    We hosted a great summer gathering called the Advance in late July in Cambridge, to gather professionals in innovation, R&D, and strategy for an unconference format, where leaders could discuss whatever was most pertinent to them in small sessions. Check out the photos from the event. 

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    Video: How Can Companies Find Places to Pilot Test?


    As part of our examination of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we spoke with Chris Docherty, Senior Innovation Advisor at Planbox, about the best places companies should look to pilot test.

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    Member Spotlight: Jeff George, Hain Celestial Group


    Jeff George is the Senior Vice President of Research and Development for Hain Celestial Group, a natural food and personal care company consisting of over fifty brands with worldwide distribution. In his role, George oversees R&D, quality, food safety, and regulation. We spoke with him as part of our IL Member Spotlight Series. 

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    Video: Setting the Right Metrics for 4IR Technologies


    Chris Docherty, Senior Innovation Advisor at Planbox, gives advice on setting the right metrics to help determine how new technologies are creating value. 

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    Video: Key Questions to Ask About Venture Studios


    As part of our Venture Studio Series we spoke with Dave Drach, Founder and CEO of Range Development. He answers questions about how corporations can interact with venture studios to solve internal corporate problems.

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    The Evolution of Venture Studios: Alper Celen of Enhance Ventures


    As part of our venture studio series, we spoke with Alper Celen. He is a Founding Partner at Enhance Ventures, a venture studio based in Dubai. He discussed the evolution of venture studios, including possibilities for the future. 

  • jason-leung-SAYzxuS1O3M-unsplash

    Investing in Venture Studios: Sarah Anderson of Vault Fund


    We spoke with Sarah Anderson, a Founding Partner at Vault Fund, as part of our venture studios series. Anderson gave an overveiw of what venture studios are and how they can help corporations. 

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    Member Spotlight: Mark Karbownik, Barnes & Thornburg LLP


    Mark Karbownik is the Practice Systems Information Specialist at Barnes & Thornburg LLP, a business law firm and lobbying group headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, with twenty offices across the country. In his role, Karbownik focuses on scouting innovative practices outside of the legal industry in order to bring better practices in his own organization. We spoke with him as part of our Member Spotlight series.