Pro tips from the NFL on mobile app development

By Patricia Riedman Yeager, Contributing Writer

By sheer numbers, few events top the Super Bowl. Last year’s Super Bowl pre-game festival, in Santa Clara, Calif., attracted more than 1.1 million fans.

“It’s not a single day or a series of three hours. The Super Bowl is a week to two-week celebration of football,” says Jazz Singh, director of product, mobile and connected at NFL Media. This year’s Super Bowl LI, taking place Feb. 5 at Houston’s NRG Stadium, is expected to match or exceed last year’s crowd.

Part of Singh’s role has entailed overseeing the creation of the Super Bowl LI Houston – Fan Mobile Pass app, which is designed to help fans navigate all the pre-game activities, which include interactive games, youth football clinics, player autograph sessions, concerts, and plenty of opportunities to buy merchandise and food.

Working on a tight schedule, Singh says he uses an agile development approach to get everything ready in time for the big game. NFL Media is based in Culver City, Calif. Singh reports to Linda Tong, the NFL’s VP of Product & Innovation.

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