Thought leadership, directory added to Innovation Leader

We started Innovation Leader with a very clear focus: to provide useful guidance, case studies, and data to executives responsible for innovation at large organizations.

We now have more than 6,000 of you, in aggregate, visiting the site, following @innolead on Twitter, and reading our regular e-mail bulletins.

As our readership has increased, we’ve fielded requests for a conference calendar (which we built in late 2013); a list of current job openings (launched earlier this year); a guide to some of the software providers and consulting firms that serve innovation executives; and pointers to some of the best surveys, reports, forecasts, and analysis related to doing innovation inside a large organization. Those latter two features, our Directory and Thought Leadership pages, just launched today.

You can always find those features in the left-hand navigation of our Web site.

Whenever a firm has paid to enhance their listing with additional information, we’ll highlight them in blue.

We’re always eager to hear your thoughts about what’s here so far — and what else would be helpful to you…


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