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  • podcast-mars

    Busting Myths with the Head of Innovation and Science at Mars, Inc.


    Mars President of Innovation, Science, Technology, and Mars Edge Jean-Christophe Flatin discusses connecting with candy (and pet care!) consumers, and “myth busts” the top misconceptions he sees within innovation teams. 

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    Why the San Francisco Giants Have a Fan Council — and Ambassadors


    October is big for baseball fans and all eyes are on the SF Giants, leading the playoffs after a five-year hiatus. For Faham Zakariaei, who directs the team’s special events, the busiest part of the season means Nike partnerships, fan groups, and influencer marketing.

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    How Consumer Goods Companies Can Turn Everyday Users into Influencers


    Jos Harrison, Global Head of Brand Experience and Design at the consumer packaged goods firm Reckitt, outlines how brands can leverage building positive relationships with the everyday consumer to grow a strong brand recognition and experience.

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    On Demand Webcast

    How Leading Brands Use Cognitive Diversity to Drive Innovation


    Breakthrough innovation requires people with different mindsets to deliver big outcomes. And that cognitive diversity helps teams to see things differently and think differently. In this one-hour Master Class replay, learn how to collaborate with all kinds of creators: outliers, misfits, rebels, and crazy ones to envision ...

  • baking-the-cake

    4 Pieces of Advice for Corporates and Startups on ‘Baking the Cake’ Together


    ”From the corporate side, a lot of times, a [startup engagement] program gets started, but the people who have to do the physical work of integrating the startup’s technology view the startup as just any other vendor, and they don’t understand that it’s a three-person company,” says Ken Durand, a former emerging tech exec at Ericsson and Dover Corp. who is now running a startup accelerator on behalf of Comcast NBCUniversal. More of Durand’s advice inside…

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    How the NHL’s Florida Panthers are Using Data More Strategically


    COVID-19 has accelerated the digitization of entire industries, changing everything from where we work to how we watch sports. NHL Florida Panthers’ Chief Strategy Officer is leading the organization’s transformation with data-centered marketing and creative strategies to build a larger fan base.

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    Dole’s Sustainability Promises Depend on Fresh Innovation


    Dole, one of world’s largest fresh fruit and vegetable producers, is taking action to combat food inequality, climate change, and human rights issues. Dr. Lara Ramdin, Chief Innovation Officer, and Barbara Guerpillon, Global Head of Ventures, share how they are driving the company’s sustainability initiatives through open innovation.

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    Inside ESPN’s New Virtual Innovation Center


    In its 42-year history, ESPN has consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation and technology in the sports realm — from cable television to TikTok. Here’s what they’re hoping to achieve with a new virtual innovation center.

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    On Demand Webcast

    Innovation Showcase Replay — September 2021


    At our recent Innovation Showcase Series webcast, in September of 2021, a dozen of Innovation Leader’s strategic partners shared software, services offerings, and other solutions that can help corporate innovators achieve more. Here’s a replay of the event.

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    2021 Impact Awards: Finalists and Judging Panel


    We’re excited to announce the 18 finalists for our 2021 Impact Awards, which celebrate teams, initiatives, and individuals making a difference inside large companies — and for their customers.

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    Why Digital Transformation Programs are Not About Technology


    “If you’re a leader expecting a technological silver bullet, a software panacea to all your business problems, without touching your people and processes,” writes Ger Perdisatt of Microsoft, “you’re going to struggle to derive value from a digital transformation program.” Here’s his advice on digital transformation, excerpted from the new book “60 Leaders on Innovation.”

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    New Book: Five Ways to Innovate Inside Bureaucracies


    Trying to make something new happen inside a big, established organization is never easy. Eric Haseltine and Chris Gilbert’s new book, “Riding the Monster: Five Ways to Innovate Inside Bureaucracies,” provides a guide to avoiding the gnashing teeth of the corporate machine, rather than getting chewed up and spit out.

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    ExxonMobil Exec on the Three Questions Startups Should Be Asking Corporate Partners


    Xinjin Zhao of ExxonMobil shares the top three questions he wishes startup leaders asked corporates during meetings, and other tips for successful relationships. 

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    Why Well-Run Companies Continue to Fail


    In the 24 years since Clay Christensen’s book The Innovator’s Dilemma was published, Christensen and many others uncovered a long list of reasons for why well-run companies can flounder. Despite these insights, leading companies now lose their leadership positions more quickly than ever before. The key question we must now answer is: “Why?”

  • Sujata Mehta - FM Global

    FM Global VP Shares Tips for Nailing a Startup Partnership


    Sujata Mehta, Assistant Vice President of Innovation at FM Global, shares insights on how to avoid common mistakes corporates tend to make when beginning a partnership with a startup.

  • Suning Retail Cloud, Suning’s rural retailer has opened 9,000 stores nationwide

    How Chinese Retailer Suning Group is Deploying AI and Other New Tech


    Melody Jia, General Manager of Chinese retailer Suning International, shares shifts she’s seen with pandemic-era shoppers and how her team meets their needs. 

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    How Transparent Timelines Can Improve Startup Collaborations


    Mori, a startup focused on extending the shelf life of products, hopes to use science to reduce food waste. CEO Adam Behren shares the factors that fuel constructive corporate-startup partnerships. 

  • lab-sumitomo

    Why Respect is Necessary for Corporate-Startup Relationships


    Sumitomo Chemical is one of the largest chemical companies in Japan. And in its US branch — which has a small office in California and in Cambridge, Mass. — managers have a mission: creating next-generation products through corporate venturing and collaborations. 

  • Elaine Chen

    Member Spotlight: Elaine Chen, Tufts University


    Elaine Chen is the Cummings Family Professor of Practice and the Director of the Derby Entrepreneurship Center at Tufts University. We spoke with Chen as part of our IL Member Spotlight series, which profiles our members.

  • Claudia Reuter

    Former Techstars GM on the Importance of ‘Skin in the Game’


    Notes Claudia Reuter, former General Manager at Techstars, sheds light on how to best marry startups and corporates, the best practices for startups looking to show their worth.