Photos: Inside MasterCard Labs in New York City

Photos from MasterCard’s NYC Tech Hub, opened in October 2014.

New York Field Study 2016: Photos from MasterCard, Barclay’s Rise, IBM Design Studio and more

Our sold-out New York Field Study brought a group of 50 innovation executives to GrandCentralTech, Work-Bench, IBM Design Studio, MasterCard Labs, and Barclay’s Rise New York accelerator. At left, a photo from a whiteboard session on recruiting and training innovation champions. More photos inside…

How MasterCard adapted the Adobe Kickbox innovation kit to its culture

Participating individuals and teams receive an Orange Box containing a $1,000 pre-paid card and tools to help them explore an idea and develop a pitch in 60 days. If the pitch is approved, the team receives a Red Box, which contains $25,000 and 90 days to develop their project further. We talk to Senior VP John Sheldon about how the program works.

Alex Osterwalder: ‘Business models expire like yogurt in the fridge’

We talk with Alex Osterwalder, one of the developers of the Business Model Canvas, about how he sees large companies using the tool; its relationship to the lean startup methodology; and the challenges companies face in building growth engines that are as powerful as their execution engines. Includes downloadable audio…

MasterCard exec talks Whirlpool collaboration, startup accelerator

Group Head of Innovation Management John Sheldon shares the strategic objectives behind MasterCard’s Start Path accelerator program, and explains how his MasterCard Labs group collaborated with Whirlpool to rethink laundry.