Blueprints for Corporate Innovators

Tools, Templates, & Resources for Making Change
Download the 50-Page Report

Blueprints for Corporate Innovators

Tools, Templates, & Resources for Making Change
Download the 50-Page Report

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Toolkit Excerpt


• Monthly Progress Report
• Innovation Glossary
• Innovation Org Chart


• Innovation Roadmap
• Scouting Worksheet
• RASCI matrix


• 11 Innovation Barriers
• 6 Types of Labs
• Incentives Ideas


• Innovation Urgency
• Startup Readiness
• Maturity Quiz

One of the big projects we’ve been working on at IL over the past year has been building tools, templates, and other resources to help people working on innovation in large organizations. We’ve created PowerPoint presentations, spreadsheets, idea scorecards, a glossary of terminology, and many others. We’re excited to collect them for the first time in this 50-page report.

Everything in this report has benefitted from input from our community of corporate innovation, strategy, and R&D leaders. And some of these resources have been created by people who have been in one of those roles, like Aaron Proietti (formerly an SVP of Innovation at Transamerica) and Rachael Schwartz (formerly a VP of Product Management and Innovation at Keurig).

This report is sponsored by HYPE Innovation, one of Innovation Leader's strategic partners, and includes advice from Jennifer Dunn, Director of Customer Success on "How Not to Fail: A Visual Tool for Managing Your Innovation Program."

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Here's a sample of what's inside:

Full Table of Contents:

Reference Docs & Guides
Making the Case for Innovation
Two Organizational Choices for Innovation
Glossary of Innovation Terms and Strategies
How Startups Can Work with Us
Innovation Interpretations

Worksheets & Templates
Corporate Innovation Roadmap
Idea Evaluation Scorecard
Sample Monthly Progress Report
RASCI Matrix
Scouting Worksheet

11 Major Barriers to Innovation
Six Types of Innovation Lab
16 Signs You are Under-Investing in Innovation
Incentive Ideas

Innovation Urgency Quiz
How Sophisticated is Your Startup Strategy?
How Well-Developed is Your Innovation Strategy?
Is Our Company’s Culture Supportive of Innovation?