Inside Baker Hughes’ Energy Innovation Center in Oklahoma City

Four years ago, Baker Hughes opened up its Oil & Gas Technology Center in Oklahoma City— a place they call the “Silicon Valley of the Shale Revolution.” This July, the company reinvented the facility, unveiling the Energy Innovation Center (EIC).

Fifteen of the Top Innovation and R&D Labs in Los Angeles

Los Angeles isn’t just about the movie industry; it’s one of the most active cities in North America for innovation in big companies. We created this map to display 15 of the top innovation and R&D labs in area.

Video: Advice on Starting a Corporate Innovation Lab

With seven labs across the globe, Thomson Reuters has a larger network of innovation labs than most companies. Mona Vernon, Chief Technology Officer of Thomson Reuters Labs, discusses goals, people, governance, and the relationship between the lab and the core business. Vernon also touches on the question of where to locate an innovation lab.

Map: These are the Key Players — and Tensions — Involved in Corporate Innovation

In any organization, there are plenty of stakeholders involved with innovation, and plenty of dynamics that can prevent them from attaining alignment. We wanted to explore those forces — and create a guide to dealing with them thoughtfully. So we partnered with XPLANE, the renowned “visual thinking” firm, to create a map of the corporate innovation ecosystem, along with discussion questions to get you working toward better alignment and more impact. You can download it here…

Why Italian vehicle-maker Piaggio set up a new lab to design robots

Piaggio, headquartered in Pontedera, Italy, is best-known for the scooters and motorcycles it produces, including Vespa and Moto Guzzi. But the new lab in Boston wouldn’t focus on creating vehicles with two or four wheels to travel on roads. “I don’t think the evolution of mobility is still four wheels with an engine,” Colaninno says. “The car is a 1900s idea.”

Photos: Inside MasterCard Labs in New York City

Photos from MasterCard’s NYC Tech Hub, opened in October 2014.

Cardinal Health SVP offers a look inside customer-focused Fuse lab

“When you come to Fuse, it’s all about the customers. It’s customer-in,” says Cardinal Health SVP and CTO Brent Stutz. Visiting employees and executives “leave their business unit affiliations and their badges behind.” Here’s a look inside…

At the Philadelphia 76ers new innovation lab, offering hands-on help to startups

The new lab is open to hosting all kinds early-stage consumer product companies and some B2B concepts — not just sports or fitness-related startups. “The sports category, although it’s really big, is pretty limiting,” says Managing Director Seth Berger. “The Sixers’ network is so broad across so many different industries — to limit ourselves to sports didn’t make sense.”

Head of innovation lab at $11 billion ADP on recruiting, focus, hand-offs

Roberto Masiero, vice president and head of ADP’s New Jersey innovation lab, offers lessons and recommendations for companies looking to start their own labs. Among them: deploy small teams focused on specific projects. “They almost become like a family,” he says. “It drives the project, and it’s been quite successful so far.”

Marla Capozzi on discipline, metrics, and the perils of innovation committees

Among the topics we covered on a recent Innovation Leader Live call with Marla Capozzi of McKinsey & Co.’s Global Strategy & Innovation Practice:  Why an organization’s commitment to innovation shouldn’t wax and wane; the risk of innovation committees running off the rails; and why it’s vital to create new metrics for the pilot tests and experiments you run. Transcript and downloadable audio inside…

Hearst Health’s chief innovation officer on lab funding, staffing, and focus

Our latest Innovation Leader Live call featured Justin Graham of Hearst Health, talking about the innovation lab he oversees in San Francisco. We discussed staffing, funding, and the focus of the lab — and took several questions from listeners. Read the highlights of our conversation, or listen to the audio.

Innovation Labs Report: What’s Inside

What exactly is an innovation lab? Ask ten companies, and you’ll get ten different answers. For our 53-page report on innovation labs, we talked to more than 20 executives at companies like Walmart, Home Depot, IKEA, Fidelity Investments, Royal Dutch Shell, MasterCard, Target, and others.

Steve Blank on how to put lean startup in action inside big companies

On our latest Innovation Leader Live call, lean startup guru Steve Blank talked about the challenges of bringing the lean startup approach into a large company; and the decisions that should be made before setting up an “innovation outpost.” Article includes 30 minutes of audio. (Not a subscriber? Here’s an excerpt.)

Cartoon: What do the business units really want from innovation?

Sharing this original cartoon by Ricardo Galvao, which appears in the Fall 2015 edition of Innovation Leader magazine. (Click it to get a larger, printable version.)

How the lab at Express Scripts leverages data to predict — and prevent — healthcare problems

The Express Scripts Lab, which opened in 2010, roughly tripled in headcount last year and now houses more than 100 employees. One area of focus: working with data to better predict which patients will need extra nudges to stick to a medication regime. We talk with one of the executives who leads it, Mark Bini.

Why Visa set up new innovation lab focused on digital payments

As more consumers look to pay for things without whipping out a credit card or carrying cash, Visa exec Bill Gajda explains the $12.6 billion company’s thinking behind a new 500-person innovation center in San Francisco.