Innovation Illustrated: Measuring Innovation

Mission Control for Innovation Metrics

Corporate innovators need metrics to show where they’re delivering impact, and ideally, to gain access to additional resources. But measuring innovation is much more challenging than measuring on-going operations, since by definition it is about exploration and experimentation — and failure is not only an option, it’s part of the journey.

Here’s Innovation Leader’s look at how you can design an effective “Mission Control” for your innovation work, along with questions to discuss with your team and senior leadership.

You can print out the full 11×17 illustration and use it with your colleagues to spark discussions (or get a 8.5×11 smaller version here).

For this third installment of our “Innovation Illustrated” series, we collaborated once again with the renowned visual thinking firm XPLANE. And the flip side of this guide features more advice on innovation metrics from Sopheon, a provider of enterprise innovation management software and services, and one of Innovation Leader’s strategic partners.

We’d love to hear what you think, or your ideas for future installments:


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