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Master Class Replay: Advice on Ecosystem Development & Co-Creation

Andy Michuda of Sopheon, Shannon Lucas of Ericsson, and Michael Britt of Southern company explore best practices for ecosystem development. Other topics of discussion included: the benefits of co-creation, challenges when co-creating at a large organization, and building successful start-up relationships.

Live Call Replay: Alex Osterwalder on Overcoming the Challenges of Business Model Innovation

Many companies focus on optimizing the core business, executing on a business model that has long been established. However, focusing on the day-to-day can be detrimental if the company ignores the future. Alex Osterwalder, inventor of the Business Model Canvas, shares how testing new business models can help companies prepare for the future. During a conference call with IL members, Osterwalder discussed new roles, organizational structures, and metrics for more effective innovation. Listen to the full conversation or read the highlights…

Webcast Replay: Unlocking Play, the Secret Ingredient of Teams that Work

Many people view play as a leisure activity that takes places outside of the office. However, in our latest webcast, Suzi Hamill, the former Vice President of Design Thinking at Fidelity Investments, shared strategic approaches to designing play into work. In successful teams, employees experiment and play as they work through challenges. Watch the webcast and read the highlights…

Video: How Big Companies are Using Indiegogo Enterprise

How can companies find out what customers actually want? Indiegogo Enterprise allows brands to test products with consumers and get their feedback on the experience. Gwen Nguyen, vice president of Indiegogo Enterprise, talks about how companies can harvest the power of crowdsourcing in this video.

How Do You Increase Your Odds of Success? Five Tips for Innovation Leaders

“Not a single one of your employees is going to sign on to be an intrapraneur if career failure inevitably follows idea failure,” writes Renee Dye, the former Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer at Navigant Consulting. Dye shares five keys to success, useful for new and more established innovation leaders.

Webcast Replay: Innovation and the Business Units

Innovation Leader editor Scott Kirsner shares some of the high-level data from our recent survey and research report on the ties between business units and innovation or R&D groups. He’s joined by executives from Fidelity Investments, Aon Health, GOJO Industries, and Trek Bicycle, who share their perspectives. 45 minutes of video and slides…

How Aon Health invites business leaders to help set the innovation agenda

Jim Winkler, Global Chief Innovation Officer at Aon Health, explains the meetings and process that his team uses to set the innovation agenda, and determine priorities, in collaboration with line of business executives.

How EY launched an innovation program inside a professional services firm

One big challenge, according to Jeff Saviano, who runs innovation inside EY’s tax practice for the Americas: “Making sure that we’re not just asking people to spend time on nights and weekends to build something new, [and] move us in a new direction.” He explains how they’ve been working to overcome that. Includes 30 minutes of audio…

How $6B real estate firm Jones Lang LaSalle built a revenue engine  

Innovation VP Alec Humphries discusses how his group inside the commercial real estate firm has begun generating millions in revenue within five years of its creation.

How PwC turns “corporate antibodies” into allies: Five tactics to try

Every company has antibodies — they’re the gatekeepers who are actually healthy and necessary guardians of the enterprise. “Companies need these gatekeepers to minimize risk,” says Best, “but we’ve learned the same gatekeepers can actually accelerate innovation if included in the process, or slow innovation if they’re not.” She outlines five tactics that she’s used to engage these corporate antibodies in a productive way.

Marla Capozzi on discipline, metrics, and the perils of innovation committees

Among the topics we covered on a recent Innovation Leader Live call with Marla Capozzi of McKinsey & Co.’s Global Strategy & Innovation Practice:  Why an organization’s commitment to innovation shouldn’t wax and wane; the risk of innovation committees running off the rails; and why it’s vital to create new metrics for the pilot tests and experiments you run. Transcript and downloadable audio inside…

Kelly Services exec on impact payments and disruptive ideas

Kelly Chief Innovation Officer Rolf Kleiner talks about his CEO’s expectations; developing a process for collecting incremental and disruptive ideas; creating an incentive system for idea submitters; and one high-potential idea Kelly Services is preparing to roll out. Includes 30 minutes of audio from our Innovation Leader Live call…

Kelly Services innovation chief on creating meaningful revenue

Rolf Kleiner took on the Chief Innovation Officer role at $5.4 billion Kelly Services at the start of 2012, after twenty years at the temporary staffing and consulting firm. Here’s what he’s been doing since then.

Inside Xerox’s ‘Dreaming Sessions’ with customers

The document and services giant felt that R&D needed to be better-connected to customer needs. The result was the “Dreaming Session,” which brings researchers together with Xerox’s customers to think about high-potential applications for new technologies. Includes slides and audio from Sophie Vandebroek, president of the Xerox Innovation Group.

Four lessons from Mullen’s first Chief Innovation Officer

Back in June 2009, Edward Boches became the first Chief Innovation Officer at Mullen a Boston-based ad agency that works with household names like JetBlue, Adidas, Google, and Zappos. “My initial objective was to get the company to pull its head out of its ass with regard to digital and social media,” he says. Here’s more of his take on being the agency’s inaugural CINO.