Master Class: Innovation Unstuck

Join Innovation Leader and Mike Maddock, founding partner and CEO of Maddock Douglas, on Tuesday, January 9th at 1:00 p.m. EST, for a Master Class called “Innovation Unstuck.”

Learn how and why innovation teams get stuck and proven ways to break them free. How can a sophisticated organization be so committed to a life-or-death mission — innovation — but still not achieve it? This was the innovation paradox we wrote about in our first book Brand New: Solving the Innovation Paradox.

Sadly, years later, research shows that the paradox is more pronounced today than ever. Companies are still getting stuck despite 84 percent of CEOs saying innovation is critical to their strategy (a 20 percent jump since we wrote the book). The good news is that the pattern of where and how innovation teams get stuck is predictable. Better yet, there are proven and reliable ways to get your team unstuck, accelerating innovation success in your company.

Learn how the best teams move from potential to permission to pipeline to profits.

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