Webcast: Getting to Valuable Insights Faster by Automating Data Flows (Rather than Relying on Excel)

Join us for this webcast on Tuesday, July 18th at 1:00 p.m. EDT. Although it’s difficult to measure the return on investment for many business initiatives, measuring improvements efficiency is rather straight forward. All organizations have repeatable processes, be it answering help desk phones, preparing for industry marketing events or returning items to stock. Any repeatable process can be measured and improved, however, many don’t see the same repeatability in data analysis.

Static spreadsheets are updated with this month’s data, or a roll up report is created by aggregating data from many other reports. Tools like Excel as versatile as they may be and certainly pervasive are often used beyond their intended purpose. Using tools that recognize data and work flow not only allow for repeatability and version control, but they can also identify new opportunities to reduce cycle times for data analytics.

Jim will identify several cloud services that make easy work of large scale data analysis, and give examples of how organizations are using data analysis to improve the quality of their databases, and better understand the quality of their customer reviews.

Webcast hosted by: Innovation Leader and Jim Knapik, Head Instructor, Cloud Computing Bootcamp, Level Education from Northeastern University

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