IL Masterclass: Why Innovation Teams Get Stuck, and How to Break Free

Maddock Douglas MasterclassTo kick off our Masterclass series of webcasts in 2018, we explored the paradox of how sophisticated organizations can be so committed to innovation — but still get stuck.

“The good news is that the pattern of where and how innovation teams get stuck is predictable,” says Mike Maddock, the founder of Chicago-based innovation consulting firm Maddock Douglas. “Better yet, there are proven and reliable ways to get your team unstuck, accelerating innovation success in your company.”

In this partner-led Masterclass, “Innovation Unstuck,” Maddock explains how the best teams move “from potential to permission to pipeline to profits.”

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Three sample slides from this Masterclass below…

Innovation Unstuck slide 1

Innovation Unstuck slide 2

Innovation Unstuck slide 3

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