Strategos Master Class Replay

IL Master Class: Tactics and Timelines for Changing Culture

In our recent Master Class on creating a culture of innovation, we explored questions including:

  • What does it mean to try to change the culture in an established enterprise to drive innovation?
  • How can you make your goals specific—and what are the tactics that can move you toward those goals in the short-, medium-, and long-term?
  • Who are the players you need to get involved and how do you achieve alignment?

The session was hosted by Gary Getz and Michel van Hove of Strategos. As part of it, they asked participants about the biggest cultural barriers to innovation that exist in their companies. The results:

Survey results on culture of innovation

One big take-away quote from Getz: “One way to change culture is to practice the future behaviors you desire.”

You can watch the Master Class below; we’ve also shared four key slides. (You can download the complete presentation in PDF form here.)

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Slide on culture of innovation

Slide on culture of innovation

Slide on culture of innovation

Slide on culture of innovation


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