Cleveland Field Study Photos: Inside American Greetings, KeyBank, Cleveland Clinic, and more

Our 2018 Cleveland Field Study brought over 50 executives together to discuss strategies for forging effective internal partnerships that foster innovation. We toured the offices of Cleveland Clinic Innovations, American Greetings, KeyBank, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and Progressive Field. Photos inside…

Photo Gallery: New York Field Study Drops in on Nasdaq, Dow Jones, and Kickstarter

Our 2018 New York Field Study brought more than 70 executives to Manhattan and Brooklyn, stopping at the offices of Dow Jones, Nasdaq, and Johnson & Johnson’s JLABS. Here are a just a few of the photos.

Washington, D.C. Field Study Photos: Inside Marriott, Capital One, Lockheed Martin & More

Our first-ever Washington, D.C. Field Study took participants inside AARP’s “Hatchery,” Marriott’s “Underground” Innovation Lab, Lockheed Martin’s Global Vision Center, Capital One Labs, and the 1776 startup incubator.

Field Study Photos: Inside Delta, Google Atlanta, Home Depot, Porsche and more

Our first-ever Atlanta Field Study took participants to the campus of Georgia Tech, Google Atlanta, Home Depot world headquarters, the Porsche Experience Center, Delta’s “The Hangar” innovation lab, Anthem’s innovation studio, and more. Photos inside…

Photos: Inside the Hatchery, the innovation lab at AARP

As part of our next Field Study learning expedition, we’ll visit the Hatchery, the innovation lab at AARP. AARP is not only one of the largest nonprofits in the country, but it’s also one of the biggest insurers and magazine publishers. We talked about what happens inside the Hatchery with Andy Miller, the SVP for Innovation and Product Development at AARP.

San Francisco Field Study photos: Visa, Verizon, Yelp and more

At our sold-out San Francisco Field Study, Feb 1-2, 2017, more than 70 innovation execs joined us for tours of Visa, Verizon, Yelp, Gensler, Hax Accelerator, and Autodesk. Photos from the event inside…

New York Field Study 2016: Photos from MasterCard, Barclay’s Rise, IBM Design Studio and more

Our sold-out New York Field Study brought a group of 50 innovation executives to GrandCentralTech, Work-Bench, IBM Design Studio, MasterCard Labs, and Barclay’s Rise New York accelerator. At left, a photo from a whiteboard session on recruiting and training innovation champions. More photos inside…

Photos from our Silicon Valley Field Study: Google, Ford, Adobe, Vodafone, and Y Combinator

Sharing some pictures from our sold-out March 2016 Field Study in Silicon Valley, which hit Redwood City, Palo Alto, San Jose, and Mountain View.

How new CVS digital lab proves value, collaborates with business units

Chief Digital Officer Brian Tilzer discusses why the $37 billion retail and healthcare giant set up its new Digital Innovation Lab in Boston; how it connects with teams at CVS’ Rhode Island headquarters; and his thoughts on mobile payments, videoconferencing and collaboration, and in-store Bluetooth Beacon technology. Includes 40 minutes of audio from our recent Field Study visit…

Photos from our 2015 Boston Field Study: CVS, Microsoft, iRobot, more

Our Field Study learning expedition in Boston last month too participants to Microsoft Research, CVS Health’s new Digital Innovation Lab, iRobot headquarters, the Greentown Labs shared space for energy and sustainability startups, and MassMutual’s Society of Grownups. Here are some highlights, in photos.

Audio: Nondini Naqui on hiring for MassMutual’s Society of Grownups

Nondini Naqui, CEO of Society of Grownups, a “learning initiative” of the insurer MassMutual, talks a bit about how the new venture’s separate culture and separate office space has helped her attract the talent she needs — including software developers.

New York Field Study photos: Pfizer, BMW, Google, and more

More than 50 senior innovation, strategy, and R&D executives joined us last month in Manhattan for our June Field Study to visit labs, venture capital offices, and startup spaces operated by Pfizer, BMW, the New York Times, Google, Work-Bench, and Quirky.

Collective intelligence: Trends and technologies worth watching

We’re sharing some material here that came out of one of our whiteboard sessions at the recent New York Field Study, which set out to create a list of technologies and trends that will increase in importance over the next five years. The room included about fifteen executives from retail, media, telecommunications, financial services, consumer products, and other industries. Here’s what was on their radar screens…

Photos from our Seattle Field Study: Starbucks, Microsoft and more

At our March 2015 Field Study, we visited Starbucks HQ and their new Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room; Cambia Health’s Cambia Grove healthcare collaboration space; the WeWork startup workspace in South Lake Union; Staples’ Seattle Development Lab, and Microsoft Research.

Photos: Our San Francisco Field Study event

Our October Field Study in San Francisco brought participants to the headquarters of Twitter, to Autodesk’s Pier 9 Workshop, and to Intuit’s campus in Mountain View to participate in “design for delight” exercises. The photographic evidence is inside…

Photos: June Field Study

Our Field Study gathering took place at Google Cambridge, Johnson & Johnson’s Boston Innovation Center, Fidelity Investments, and Blade Network, a new startup incubator. Plus, impromptu after-conference beers at the offices of Techstars Boston. Here’s who was there…

Google execs explain how the company spurs innovation, kills projects

From last week’s Innovation Leader Field Study in Boston: Google executives Don Dodge and Leonidas Kontothannasis offer an inside look at how the company hires, why reasonable goals are not good enough, and how internal projects gain or lose momentum. Includes a half-hour of audio…