FEI 2018: Innovation Leader Case Studies, Videos, Interviews, Sessions

Innovation Leader, the essential resource for corporate innovation teams, is proud to be a media partner of the annual Front End of Innovation conference. We’re sharing below some of the case studies, videos, and webcasts we’ve done with people and companies that are featured at FEI 2018. We’ve also included, at right, a roster of the sessions that Innovation Leader team members are participating in at FEI 2018.

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Pixar’s Founder: ‘Failure is a Necessary Consequence of Doing Something New’

    “Our job is not to prevent mistakes and errors,” says Pixar President and Founder Ed Catmull. “It is to respond when things go wrong…” More of Catmull’s thoughts on the role failure plays in business and life inside…

How Campbell’s Soup Launched a New ‘Buy One, Give One’ Product

    Direct-to-consumer products are rare at Campbell’s Soup. Here’s a look at how the Soulfull Project launched one.
How Attitudes About Open Innovation have Changed at AstraZeneca

    Turning colleagues from open innovation skeptics to advocates isn’t easy, but Scott Wilkins told us it has steadily begun to happen over five years of hard work at AstraZeneca, the $25 billion British pharmaceutical firm. Includes short audio excerpt from a recent IL Live call…

Video Lab Tour: Shell’s TechWorks Innovation Lab Encourages Fast Prototyping and Feedback

    Julie Ferland, General Manager of the Shell TechWorks innovation lab, offers an inside look at how the space is designed; the types of projects it works on; and the team Shell has assembled from outside the oil and gas industry.

Video Lab Tour: Inside Stanley Black and Decker’s ‘Futures Innovation Factory’

    One new initiative in the security division at Connecticut-based Stanley Black and Decker is its “Futures Innovation Factory,” which opened earlier this year in Boston. The 5,200 square-foot space, led by the Vice President of Breakthrough Innovation Spencer Maid, houses engineers working on new products like smarter security cameras, automated doors, and more. Maid gave us a tour of the space, and discussed its objectives…

Former Lululemon Strategy Manager Lindsay Angelo on Changing Consumer Motivations and Retail Disruption

    “I think retail is going through a really interesting time right now,” Lindsay Angelo said in a recent conversation. “Certainly as a more established brand, there are a lot of headwinds out there. But think about how you can take advantage of that turbulence internally.” Angelo shares her take, and several slides…

How P&G has Evolved its Clay Street Innovation Studio to Have Broader Impact

    Over the past decade, many of the ideas that had seemed novel when Procter & Gamble’s Clay Street innovation studio first opened — like its giant Marimekko bean bags, circle conversations, and cell phone bans — have become mainstream and “really commonplace in the rest of P & G,” explains Karen Hershenson. “We want to make sure … that people don’t feel they have to be at Clay Street to be innovative, that they can be innovative anywhere. So that’s been our goal as we evolve.” Photos and diagram inside…

Webcast Replay: Creating a Curriculum to Develop Innovation Leaders at Fidelity Investments

    Led by Stephanie Simon, the hour-long webcast covered the training program’s objectives, timeline, staffing, skills taught, external resources used, and the learnings so far. Watch the replay…


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