Field Study Locations

autodeskvenueInnovation Leader’s Field Studies take place in the innovation labs and creative spaces of large corporations.

This ensures participants can actually see how other companies structure and approach the innovation function.

It also means no boring hotel ballrooms (you’re welcome).

Prior hosts have included Google, The Fidelity Investments Center for Applied Technology, Johnson & Johnson’s Innovation Lab, and others.

The San Francisco Field Study will take place at numerous locations, including:

  • Intuit Labs Incubator — We’ll visit the Intuit campus in Mountain View, and get access to the Intuit Labs Incubator, where we’ll see how the “lean startup” methodology is used to test new concepts in the market.

  • Autodesk Workshop at Pier 9 — We’ll visit Autodesk’s Workshop right on the San Francisco Bay, which opened just last fall. You’ll see how entrepreneurs, artists, and software developers are collaborating to shape the future of product design and manufacturing, and you’ll learn about new fields like programmable matter, nanotech, and synthetic biology.
  • Vodafone Innovation Center — We’ll visit the innovation space at Vodafone Enterprise Group, which collaborates with startups to create new wireless services, and has built a network of internal innovation catalysts around the world. They’ll explain how you can, too.
  • RocketSpace — This San Francisco campus is host to numerous startups, as well as large corporations looking to engage with the entrepreneurial and innovation economy. We’ll tour the space, meet some tenants, and discuss how your company is engaging with startups.

  • Other — We’ll also be interacting with startups, corporate venture firms, incubators, entrepreneurs, and other innovators working with or within large corporations like yours!