San Francisco Field Study 2014

Fidelity Investments Vice President Danielle Duplin comments on the tour of Fidelity’s Center for Applied Technology, at a recent Field Study in Boston.

This is not your typical conference. In fact, the Field Study isn’t a conference at all.

There are no keynotes, no PowerPoints, no exhibitors, and no traditional speaker slots.

In fact, vendors or consultants are not even permitted to attend (sorry, partners … we love you, but the Field Study is only open to innovation executives).

Instead, we provide an intimate forum for innovation executives, enabling them to visit other innovation spaces, share war stories, and benefit from the insights of their peers.

One participant at our most recent event said afterward, “The Innovation Leader Field Study was a rich, rewarding event. Great shared learning with passionate, diverse, innovation leaders. Very well worth the investment.”

Details on our San Francisco Field study are at right, or contact us at 855-5858-0800 or via email.