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20% Off Innovation Concept Evaluation

At Altitude, we’re focused on making innovation real—moving from concept to commerce. Before launching your next product or service, try our “Resonance Testing,” a proven, human-centered design method for evaluating not only whether, but why, a concept resonates with consumers.
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$5,000 Savings on Workshop

Imaginatik is offering a one-day Innovation Ambition Statement workshop for $5,000, which is half the normal rate. Drawing on Imaginatik’s two decades of experience, the workshop guides your senior leadership team to define unambiguously what “innovation” means, and how it adds value, across your organization. Deliverables are benchmarked against industry best practices.
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Free Assessment from Brightidea

Brightidea will provide a free innovation program assessment to Innovation Leader subscribers, to review how to further optimize your innovation program (ramp it, boost it, or get back on track). Available only to qualified companies.
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Discounted Assessment from Kalypso

Is Internet of Things on your innovation agenda? Get started the right way with Kalypso’s Smart, Connected Products Opportunity Assessment. Innovation Leader subscribers who sign up for an assessment will receive 25% off.
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Introductory Consultation

Disruptive change is accelerating. Is your company ready to lead? Spend 45 minutes with an Innosight partner or principal to discuss your company’s innovation objectives and explore potential strategies to unlock new growth. Available only to qualified companies.
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33% off Certification, Online Tools

Innovation Engineering offers 33% off Innovation College, Blue Belt Certification and InnovationEngineeringLabs.com, which includes our exclusive patent searching tool and more. Offer exclusive to Innovation Leader subscribers.
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2-hour Consultation from RocketSpace

RocketSpace will provide a free 2-hour consultation to share perspective on disruptive trends and startups that will impact your industry, to Innovation Leader subscribers. This discussion will highlight areas of potential disruption before it hits and give perspective on the latest technology trends. Available only to qualified companies.
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Discount on our Field Studies

An Innovation Leader Field Study is not your typical conference. In fact, the Field Study isn’t a conference at all. There are no keynotes, no PowerPoints, no exhibitors, and no traditional speaker slots. Instead, we provide an intimate forum for innovation executives, enabling them to visit other innovation spaces, share war stories, and benefit from the insights of their peers. Click here for details on our next Field Study.