Excerpt: Allstate exec on keys to innovation success in big companies

Moises Norena is Director of Strategic Innovation at Allstate, the $34 billion insurer based in Illinois. He was previously Global Director of Innovation at Whirlpool Corp., and he runs the website ideasaboutideas.

In our latest Innovation Leader Live call, we talked with Norena about:

  • How innovation is different in a product company like Whirlpool versus a services company like Allstate
  • Four ways Allstate is measuring its innovation program
  • Some of the highest-impact initiatives and product launches from his time at Whirlpool
  • Why innovation can be a tough sell in a services business
  • Open innovation, including a new partnership between Allstate and the home improvement website Angie’s List
  • Why a top-down approach to innovation, or a grassroots approach, can’t work on its own
  • How innovation teams can survive despite changes in top management, or new leaders in the business units

Here’s a two-minute audio clip of Norena discussing some of the keys to success for corporate innovators, including a strong alignment with the company’s strategy.

Innovation Leader members can find the complete audio and transcript from the call here. We conduct these live conference calls monthly; prior guests have included innovation executives from Coca-Cola, Hershey’s, Kelly Services, Marriott, Humana, Xerox, and Ingersoll Rand.


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