Photos: Innovation Roundtable Series, co-produced with Imaginatik

This fall, we brought together senior innovation and R&D leaders in seven cities for closed-door roundtables. The topics? Best practices in creating internal incubators, running hackathons, innovation metrics, and moving along the “innovation maturity curve.” Photos inside…

Moonshots, roof shots, and failing forward: Google and XPRIZE execs on enabling big breakthroughs

“We distinguish between ‘roof shots’ and moonshots,” says Google X executive Hans Peter Brøndmo. “You could say, ‘If I wanted to get up on the roof of this building, I could come up with a really innovative solution. I might actually technically, be closer to the moon, but I didn’t do anything to get to the moon.’ More insights from Brøndmo and XPRIZE CEO Marcus Shingles inside, from a session held at the inaugural Harvest Summit…

Teach-In 2016 at the Harvard Innovation Lab: Event photos

More than 150 members of the Innovation Leader community converged on the Harvard Innovation Lab this month for the Teach-In — and 30+ sessions that offered insight into what people are doing and learning in their R&D and innovation initiatives, as well as visits to Google Cambridge, Fidelity Labs, Shell TechWorks, and the Target coLab.

From the Teach-In: Participants share their favorite books on innovation

At our sold out Teach-In gathering last month in Boston, we asked participants to share some of their favorite books on innovation. Here are a few of their recommendations, from “Creativity, Inc.” to “The Second Machine Age.”

From the Teach-In: Innovation tips from our participants

At our sold out Teach-In gathering last month, we asked participants to pair up and share with each other a piece of advice about doing new things in established companies. The catch: it had to be succinct enough to fit onto a Post-It.

Audio: Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak on whether innovators need to ignore the rules

Posting some audio recorded recently at the Innovation by Design Summit in St. Louis. Innovation Leader editor Scott Kirsner sat down for a wide-ranging on-stage interview with Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple and a Silicon Valley legend.

New York Field Study 2016: Photos from MasterCard, Barclay’s Rise, IBM Design Studio and more

Our sold-out New York Field Study brought a group of 50 innovation executives to GrandCentralTech, Work-Bench, IBM Design Studio, MasterCard Labs, and Barclay’s Rise New York accelerator. At left, a photo from a whiteboard session on recruiting and training innovation champions. More photos inside…

Photos from our Connected Products Strategy Off-Site

Sharing some photos from our June 2016 Connected Products Strategy Off-Site — thanks to everyone who participated. Thanks to our friends at Altitude for their support, and to C Space and Bolt for hosting us.

Audio: Clay Christensen on Uber, why strategy is temporary, and understanding the job to be done

Earlier this month, Innovation Leader editor Scott Kirsner interviewed Clay Christensen of Harvard Business School onstage at the annual TIE StartupCon in Boston. They discussed Uber and disruptive business models; why a winning strategy is only temporary; Christensen’s work with the Department of Defense; and the need to set up separate teams away from the core business to focus on disruption. Includes 40 minutes of downloadable audio…

Photos from our Silicon Valley Field Study: Google, Ford, Adobe, Vodafone, and Y Combinator

Sharing some pictures from our sold-out March 2016 Field Study in Silicon Valley, which hit Redwood City, Palo Alto, San Jose, and Mountain View.

How Weight Watchers is innovating in a relationship-based business

Global Vice President of Innovation Dondeena Bradley talks about driving multiple new initiatives aimed at transforming Weight Watchers into a holistic, community-driven company.

Photos from our 2015 Boston Field Study: CVS, Microsoft, iRobot, more

Our Field Study learning expedition in Boston last month too participants to Microsoft Research, CVS Health’s new Digital Innovation Lab, iRobot headquarters, the Greentown Labs shared space for energy and sustainability startups, and MassMutual’s Society of Grownups. Here are some highlights, in photos.

Photos: Our San Francisco Field Study event

Our October Field Study in San Francisco brought participants to the headquarters of Twitter, to Autodesk’s Pier 9 Workshop, and to Intuit’s campus in Mountain View to participate in “design for delight” exercises. The photographic evidence is inside…

Photos: June Field Study

Our Field Study gathering took place at Google Cambridge, Johnson & Johnson’s Boston Innovation Center, Fidelity Investments, and Blade Network, a new startup incubator. Plus, impromptu after-conference beers at the offices of Techstars Boston. Here’s who was there…