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Feb. 1-2, 2017
San Francisco, CA

Innovation Leader Field Study — San Francisco

Innovation Leader's Field Study gatherings visit corporate innovation spaces and discuss topics that are top-of-mind with you in a small, informal setting. Participation is for practitioners only; no vendors. This Field Study will take you inside Visa's One Market innovation lab, the Verizon Innovation Center, the Hax hardware accelerator, crowdfunding startup Indiegogo, architecture firm Gensler, and Autodesk's design night. Speakers include executives from Boeing, Wells Fargo, Cisco, Disney, Red Bull, and Bloomberg. SOLD OUT.

Various dates
New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Boston, Toronto

Innovation Roundtable Series

Join Imaginatik and Innovation Leader for a thought-provoking, highly-participatory conversations with your peers at other large organizations. Topics include "Innovation Engagement: How and When to Use Challenges, Hackathons, Communities, Shark Tanks," and "Leveraging Insights: How to Turn Imagination into Value with Future Building." All roundtable conversations are confidential and off-the-record.

March 6-7, 2017
San Jose, CA

Bank Innovation Conference

Focused on new products and technologies for online and mobile banking, payments, and UX that improve customer acquisition and retention. Speakers from Fiserv, BBVA, Visa, Wells Fargo, and U.S. Bank, as well as demos from fintech startups.

March 15-16, 2017
Chicago, IL

R&D Innovation Summit

R&D and innovation execs from Hard Rock, L’Oréal, eBay, Panasonic, ACT and more explore emerging technologies, improving internal development processes, and the future of R&D.

March 28-29, 2017
Houston, TX

Texas Open Innovation Conference

The conference is a forum where business, government, and academia will intersect to spark more development, collaboration, and dialogue for the advancement of technology and ideas. Speakers include executives from Transocean, Alstom, Lone Star College, Shell, Baker Hughes, and NASA.

April 25-26, 2017
London, UK

Chief Innovation Officer Summit

Gathering of innovation executives for learning, case studies, and networking. Speakers include executives from Ecco, DHL, Philips, Airbus, Cisco, and Swiss Post.

April 25-27, 2017
Atlanta, GA

Innovation Leader Field Study — Atlanta

Want to see why companies like Home Depot, Southern Co., Panasonic, Thyssen Krupp, Delta Airlines, and others are investing in Atlanta’s Tech Square? Join Innovation Leader for our first Field Study in the Southeast as we team up with Georgia Tech to explore the Atlanta innovation ecosystem. We’ll visit several corporate innovation labs like the AT&T Foundry, see the accelerator TechSquare Labs, interact with startups, and drop in on Georgia Tech’s “Capstone Expo,” where 100+ grad students will be demo’ing products. The Atlanta innovation ecosystem is one of the most dynamic recruiting and development environments in the U.S. Come see how large companies are plugging into it — and how they’re benefitting. (Innovation Leader members receive a significant discount on registration.)

May 9-11, 2017
Boston, MA

Front End of Innovation

FEI: Front End of Innovation is the "full spectrum innovation event," covering topics from ideation through to execution. Speakers at the 2016 edition included Dan Heath, author of "Made to Stick," Karen Hershensen of Procter & Gamble's Clay Street Project, Dartmouth College professor Vijay Govindarajan, and executives from Pfizer, Monsanto, Wells Fargo, and Hasbro.