Lucasfilm’s Vicki Dobbs Beck Talks VR, AR, and Hyper-Reality Star Wars Experiences

Vicki Dobbs Beck, Executive in Charge at Lucasfilm’s ILMxLAB, forecasted the future of storytelling at Innovation Leader’s 2018 Impact Event. During her keynote, she discussed Star Wars, immersive experiences, and bringing people together through story. Watch the video excerpts, and read the highlights.

Pixar’s Founder: ‘Failure is a Necessary Consequence of Doing Something New’

“Our job is not to prevent mistakes and errors,” says Pixar President and Founder Ed Catmull. “It is to respond when things go wrong…” More of Catmull’s thoughts on the role failure plays in business and life inside…

Fifteen of the Top Innovation and R&D Labs in Los Angeles

Los Angeles isn’t just about the movie industry; it’s one of the most active cities in North America for innovation in big companies. We created this map to display 15 of the top innovation and R&D labs in area.

Slides: Why innovation should be a priority in 2018

We’ve collected into this 40-slide presentation some of the best advice we’ve gathered on getting an initiative started, including some of the choices that you’ll face; some of our survey data about average maturity or sophistication of innovation efforts at large companies; guidance on what to measure; powerful CEO quotes on the value of innovation; and examples of companies doing it right.

How ESPN is using data to call the plays

George Leimer, VP of Fantasy Sports and Premium Products at ESPN, discusses how the sports network is working to build a data and metrics-oriented culture, enabling analysis to replace hunches when it comes to developing and refining new products and services.

Webcast replay: What top corporate innovators are doing in 2016

Innovation Leader editor and co-founder Scott Kirsner shares seven examples of how companies like Toyota, Disney, GE, and Amazon are working to innovate better, faster, cheaper — and more collaboratively. The webcast also explores some of the factors that lead to premature death for innovation initiatives.

Joe Pine: Products and services are being commoditized. Here’s how you create experiences.

“If you look at convenience, convenience means spending less time with a customer,” Pine said on a recent conference call with Innovation Leader members. “What I’m talking about is spending more time with a customer, where customers actually value the time they spend with you. Instead of time well-saved — a commoditized service — they view it as time well-spent. We spoke with Pine about how social media and virtual reality are changing the nature of experiences; Uber, Hilton, and Capital One; and more. 30 minutes of audio inside…

Sandpaper: An essential item for the corporate innovator’s toolbox

You may want to embrace an innovation strategy that seeks to eliminate the things that aggravate employees or customers, which can pay off in a shorter timeframe, with very little risk.

Disney SVP on how accelerator program led to new partnerships

Senior Vice President of Innovation Michael Abrams discusses the upside of launching an accelerator program for media and entertainment startups, including some of the partnerships that it has sparked so far.

From Disney: Consumer insights and the Seven Dwarfs

Director of Consumer Insight Karen Kricorian explains how Disney’s theme parks and resorts group approaches research. “When you think you know something,” she says, “that’s when you need to shake up your thinking.”

Exclusive: A first look inside Disney’s iD8 innovation studios

Christopher Chapman, Disney’s global creativity and innovation director, talks to Innovation Leader about how his team creates online and offline spaces to foster innovation; training employees in design thinking; and happiness as a metric. Includes an exclusive look at Disney’s newest collaboration spaces: the iD8 Studios in Orlando and Anaheim.