Strategic Partner
  • Through our industry-leading Innovation_360, we empower organizations to solve complex problems and see the true value of ideas.
  • Every day we help people find, capture, and share ideas to improve our world. Whether it’s widening access to clean water in developing countries or expanding space research and exploration, Wazoku supercharges your ideas into reality.
  • We have two decades of experience across multiple industries. We’ve worked with everyone, from global corporations to local teams, to harness the innate potential in everyone to be an innovator.


Waitrose Internal Innovation Customer Story: Waitrose is one of the UK’s leading supermarket brands. Read about how they moved to a company-wide innovation approach, and how Wazoku made it happen.

The Wazoku Crowd: The Wazoku Crowd is the world’s first accredited open talent crowd. Get rewarded for testing your skills against real-life problems today!

Habitat for Humanity Innovation Report: Wazoku helped Habitat for Humanity solve four critical issues in housing across the globe. This report tells the story of these ground-breaking Open Innovation Challenges.

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