Sundberg Ferar

We are a multi-disciplinary team of creative, talented, status-quo-questioning people. Our energy is focused on the design and development of uniquely differentiated products and experiences. Throughout our long history we have evolved to serve clients in a broad range of categories including new mobility, consumer and commercial products of all types. We consider everything, from the needs of our clients to the ideal user experience, and after nearly 90 years of design, we know what it takes to elevate solutions from purely functional to exceptional.

A full-service product design consultancy out of Detroit, we connect art with science to create meaningful products; products that drive value and fulfill core user needs.

Our work is always human-centered and stems from our empathy for the real-world experience of the people we’re helping with the final product. We make sure our work meets the business needs of our client by rooting our innovation in their business objectives and metrics. We get our hands dirty, testing and iterating with low-fidelity mockups and high-end prototypes that push and validate our ideas.

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