New Resource: Designing the Perfect Idea Scorecard for Your Innovation Program

By Aaron Proietti, Contributing Writer
Former Innovation SVP and Chief Customer Advocate, Transamerica

I’m not a believer in the old adage “there are no bad ideas.”

In fact, I’ve been known to declare that “there are bad ideas, and I don’t want them in my brainstorming session!”

Perhaps the biggest contributing factor to my counter-intuitive stance is that I simply detested the tedious process of sifting through thousands of ideas after ideation sessions. You’ve got the painstaking Post-it note transcription efforts, the endless idea ranking exercises, and the lengthy arguments over minutiae. If you’ve been in innovation long enough, you’ve danced this dance dozens of times. I’m sorry to say that I’ve never found the magic bullet that would obliterate hundreds of bad ideas effortlessly. But looking back at my past experiences, I can say that the more organized the idea screening process was, and the more defined the screening criteria were, the better the results.

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