Leveraging the Power of Crowds to Enhance Design Thinking

Crowdsourcing should take place before a design session, contends Pfizer exec Daniel Seewald. In fact, it can be the difference between a mediocre session and a high impact one. Seewald explains the three ways that crowdsourcing can be helpful…

Pfizer’s Daniel Seewald: Where Design Thinking Breaks Down—and How to Avoid It

Daniel Seewald, Senior Director of Worldwide Innovation at Pfizer, discusses design thinking, and what you can do to ensure that your designers are using effective techniques to build an appropriate foundation for customer insight. His recommendations include defining the problem, seperating process from content, and more.

Learnings and slides from Pfizer’s work to foster a culture of innovation

What happens if lots of divisions in a global company come up with their own approach to innovation? “If you don’t have a common vernacular, if you don’t have a common culture, if you don’t have the same frame of reference,” says Pfizer exec Dan Seewald, “then you lose the scalability and the impact of having one program, one mindset, and one social movement.” Inside, details on the Pfizer “Dare to Try” innovation initiative, which Seewald oversees.