Custom Events

Let Innovation Leader connect you with corporate innovators, labs, startups, accelerators, and more!

barclay-riseInnovation Leader creates custom events for large corporations, enabling your management or innovation teams to meet with other innovation executives at large corporations, as well as startups, disrupters and thought leaders who may be helpful as you look to validate and improve your approach to innovation.

Among the formats we have supported:

Site Visits — Give us a city and a market, and we’ll plan a series of visits to corporate innovation labs, startups, incubators, accelerators, and exceptional offices. We handle all the details: research, planning, site selection, scheduling, transport, meals, materials, staffing, logistics and more.

In-House Interaction — We can bring industry-specific startups, entrepreneurs, disrupters, corporate executives, and thought leaders into your office for half- or full-day sessions for interaction with your executives or business units. We can even recruit innovation executives at other companies to compare and contrast innovation programs, or assist with a particular challenge. We handle all the details: identification, selection, scheduling and more.

Other Formats — Depending on your needs, our Custom Events team can develop unique sessions that introduce you to disruptive startups, infuse your culture with entrepreneurial energy, or enable you to access and experience other innovative environments.

These day-long Innovation Days are developed with one company in mind: yours.

What do corporate executives say about our events?

“The best corporate innovation event I attended. Period.”
Computershare VP Innovation Bill Atkinson

“Better than any conference I’ve attended.”
Allstate Director of Strategic Innovation Moises Norena

“Well-organized, thought-provoking, and fun.”
Marsh Chief Innovation Officer Christina Mott

“Unmatched by any conference I’ve attended.”
Transamerica AVP Innovation Debbie Schwartz

“Great take-aways for us to apply at home.”
Alaska Airlines ‎Managing Director R&D Sandy Stelling

“I learned so much in these few days.”
Starbucks Portfolio Manager, Global Concept Innovation, Katie Peacock

And with nearly 20 years experience covering innovation at large and small companies, we have relationships with incubators, accelerators, strategic media partners, corporate innovators, investors, thought leaders, authors, and others who might be helpful as you look to validate and improve your innovation approach.

For more information on how we can create a custom event for you, please contact Scott Cohen or call us toll free, 855-585-0800