Contributing an Opinion Piece or Case Study to Innovation Leader

Innovation Leader welcomes submissions of story pitches or finished stories from leaders in corporate innovation, R&D, design, strategy, new product development, and other roles. Some guidelines and samples of previously-published pieces are below, as are topics that Innovation Leader regularly covers. Pitches or finished pieces should be submitted to editor -at-


     We exclusively publish pieces from writers who are currently in a corporate role, or who have left a corporate role within the last 12 months.

     Our goal is to share candid stories and actionable advice that will be useful and helpful to our community. That may take the form of an opinion/advice piece; a list of suggestions or learnings; a case study about a project or initiative; an annotated set of slides or photos; etc.

     We require that all submissions have not been published previously elsewhere.

     We work with contributors to edit and, when necessary, add photos and illustrations to their submissions. Contributors will see a final draft version of their piece before it runs for review.

     Once a piece is published, we promote it on our social media channels and in our email newsletter. We invite you to do the same.

     We also publish selected pieces in our print magazine, Innovation Leader, which is read by 25,000 innovation, strategy, and R&D executives.

     We ask that you don’t republish the piece in its entirety on your own blog, website, LinkedIn page, Facebook, etc. (Three to five paragraphs from the opening is fine, with a link to the piece on Innovation Leader.)

     We are happy to “un-gate” the piece for a few months after its initial publication so that anyone can view it, without a membership to Innovation Leader, and so that you can share it more widely.

     We occasionally publish excerpts from newly-published or soon-to-be-published books that may be of interest to innovators in large organizations.

     Contact editor -at- with ideas, or any other questions.

Sample Pieces

Topics of Interest

    This is a list of topics based on our past surveys of the Innovation Leader community; it’s intended to spark or guide your thinking — but not limit it.

     How to spur cultural change / risk-taking

     Spotting emerging technologies and disruptive trends

     Building communities / networks of innovators

     Metrics, reporting, dashboards

     Co-creation with customers

     Operationalizing/rolling out successful projects into the business

     Governance and ideal organizational structure for innovation groups

     Interacting with startups and the entrepreneurial ecosystem

     Co-creation with suppliers & business partners

     How traditional R&D organizations need to change

     Innovation to reduce costs and streamline operations

     Lean startup methodology

     Hiring / talent issues

     Training employees / running workshops

     Academic relationships & sponsoring university research

     Various models of innovation labs or initiatives by business type

     Internal, cross-divisional collaboration for innovation

     Incubation models

     Creating communities of practice

     Gaining organizational support for innovative methods

     Taking innovation beyond “just incremental”