Connected Products — Strategy Off-Site



Our one-day, deep-dive into your connected-product strategy will start at C Space, the innovative space that The Boston Globe called one of the coolest offices in Boston.

A rare opportunity to discuss your connected-product strategy and challenges with experts, investors, designers, entrepreneurs, and non-competitive companies.

Thursday, June 23rd, from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Limited to 12 large corporations focused on connected products, primarily geared to consumers. Only two participants per company; limit 25 people.

Brought to you by Innovation Leader and the design and innovation firm Altitude, which has deep experience with smart connected products.

Because the readers of Innovation Leader specifically asked for this format: a confidential forum where they could discuss their specific issues, challenges, and strategies, and get honest feedback and guidance from experts, investors, designers, and others in a safe environment. Get detailed agenda here »

To help, we have recruited some of the top connected product experts in New England to discuss — in a safe, confidential setting — your particular challenges, strategies, and products. Among those participating are:

    • Rest Devices CEO Dulcie Madden (pioneering connected products for parents and babies)
    • Ambient Devices CEO Pritesh Gandhi (“glanceable” information startup)
    • Senter Founder and CEO Sean Lorenz (IoT startup focused on better health)
    • PayPal Retail Chief Engineer Max Metral
    • MedMinder Founder and CEO Eran Shavelsky (intelligent pill dispenser)
    • Ecovent Founder and CEO Dipul Patel (smart climate control system)
    • Product design expert and Bolt hardware accelerator General Partner Ben Einstein
    • Founder Collective Partner Eric Paley (investor in connected products Kinsa Smart Thermometer, Kuvée, others)
    • Project 11 Ventures Co-Founder Reed Sturtevant (early-stage investment firm)

Later in the day, we will walk to Bolt, a venture accelerator housing several connected-product startups, for a tour, demos, and more interactive conversations focused on your strategic issues.

For much of the day, participants will be in small groups (four to five people) from non-competitive companies and some of the experts above, at which they can discuss their specific connected product strategies and challenges, no matter the stage of development.

We will rendezvous at C Space, which was called one of the “coolest office spaces in Boston” by the Boston Globe (see photo above). We will hold small-group conversations at C Space’s inspired setting, and will then walk to Bolt Accelerator (at right) for tours, demos, and additional conversation.

This event is specifically tailored around your company, your strategy, and your challenges. Among the benefits:

  • Get tens of thousands of dollars worth of expert consulting insights
  • Get recommendations regarding your specific challenges and issues
  • Meet connected-product designers, investors, and entrepreneurs
  • Hear from consumers about their connected-product experiences
  • Visit a hardware accelerator and meet with connected-product startups

Among our assumptions and expectations of those who choose to join us:

  • You are involved in connected products strategy inside your company
  • You will help us set the agenda during upcoming planning calls
  • You are not a vendor or third-party marketing services to corporate execs
  • You will keep all conversations confidential and off-the-record
  • You will come prepared to honestly discuss your challenges, strategy, etc
  • You will come prepared to give other executives honest feedback and guidance based on your experiences.