An Annotated Map of 50+ Corporate Innovation Hubs in Boston and Cambridge

Boston is home to a fertile innovation scene that attracts corporates who want to keep an eye on the latest research; hire recent grads; and invest in or acquire startups. Players like Microsoft and Mitsubishi are among the old-timers, but more recent arrivals include ASICS, the Japanese shoe company, and Novo Nordisk, the Danish pharma firm. You can see 50+ hubs on our annotated map…

An Annotated Map of 50 Corporate Innovation Hubs in Silicon Valley

Known for high-flying technology unicorns, world-class universities, and venture capital deals getting hashed out over cups of Blue Bottle Coffee, the San Francisco Bay Area is a haven for disruptive ideas. Our list of 50 of the key sites for “big company” innovation in the Bay Area looks at the region though the lens of larger public companies making significant investments in R&D, innovation, or corporate venture capital. We’ve also included some of the venture capital firms, accelerators, and incubators that have the most interaction with corporates.