Christa Avampato

Contributing writer Christa Avampato is a journalist, novelist, and digital media producer based in New York. She has worked in product development for startups, as well as as a Senior Manager for Trend and Innovation at Toys R Us and a Senior Manager of New Product Development at American Express. Christa has also worked in theater management on Broadway and for national theatrical tours.

  • Materion - the James Web Space Telescope illustration

    How $1.5 Billion Materion Set Up Sustainability Governance and Reporting


    The reporting structure of Materion’s six-member sustainability team was set up with the intention of embedding sustainability into company’s strategic planning, decision-making, and core operations. We talk to Jon Newton, the Cleveland company’s Global Director of Sustainability.

  • Weymouth-Woods_sun

    At Enviva Biomass, Focusing on Four Goals to Achieve Net-Zero by 2030


    Founded in 2004, Eniva Biomass set out to create a renewable, low-carbon alternative to fossil fuels. It is now the world’s largest producer of industrial wood pellets, used to generate heat and electricity. Its goal: operating as a net-zero emissions company by 2030. We talk to Kim DuBose, Director of Commerce and Sustainability.

  • andreas-gucklhorn-7razCd-RUGs-unsplash

    How AT&T is Setting Sustainability ‘Stretch’ Goals and Driving Progress


    AT&T is not waiting on government regulation to make its sustainability goals and reporting transparent. Shannon Carroll, AT&T’s Assistant Vice President of Global Environmental Sustainability, shares his advice for companies that want to jumpstart their sustainability efforts or enhance their existing work.