Can your company invent the future — not fight to prevent it?

chunka-muiBy Chunka Mui, Co-Author, The New Killer Apps: How Large Companies Can Out-Innovate Start-Ups”

Big companies often let their best assets become liabilities.

Experience is a great asset, but it helps companies dominate old businesses, not new ones. How can anyone have experience at something that hasn’t been done before? In fact, people experienced in doing things in old ways will bristle at change. Even doctors, who are exceptionally bright and research-oriented, have a hard time with new techniques and technology. Studies have found that doctors tend to keep doing what they learned to do in medical school and in their residencies. It takes 15 years for established science to permeate medical practices, even for something as simple as having patients take an aspirin a day if they are at risk of heart attack.

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