Cambia exec: Why we created healthcare collaboration space

nicole-bell-newNicole Bell was the guest on our most recent Innovation Leader Live call. Bell is director of business development at Cambia Health Solutions, a nonprofit health insurance company with about 5,500 employees that’s active in the Pacific Northwest and Utah. They have about 2.5 million members of their Regence insurance brands.

Bell is one of the founders and the executive director of the Cambia Grove space, which is a 9,000 square foot facility in downtown Seattle, which brings together innovators and entrepreneurs with health plans, providers, businesses, government leaders, and academic minds from around the country. It opened just this month, and we’ll be visiting it as part of next week’s Field Study in Seattle.

Our conversation focused on how and why Cambia created the Grove. Audio of the call is below (click the down arrow to download it for later listening), along with highlights of what we discussed and a video overview of the Grove. Our Resource Center also includes a two-page PDF overview of the Grove.


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