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    Book Excerpt: Trust is Vital to Resilient Innovation Organizations


    In the new book 6Ps of Essential Innovation, author Michael McCathren outlines how organizations can build innovation capability for the long haul. That starts with the people inside the organization. So how can you reimagine the way trust and communication work inside your organization? This excerpt from McCathren’s book will help guide you. 

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    DuPont’s Chief Technology and Sustainability Officer Talks Metrics


    In an excerpt from the new book Innovation Accounting, authors Dan Toma and Esther Gons talk with DuPont’s Chief Technology and Sustainability Officer about the intricacies of measuring innovation progress.

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    The 9 Myths of Measuring Innovation


    In the new book Innovation Accounting, authors Dan Toma and Esther Gons lay out nine of the common innovation myths of measuring innovation. 

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    New Book: What It Takes to Succeed as a ‘Corporate Explorer’


    Veteran corporate innovator Russell Rogers talks with two of the authors of the new book Corporate Explorer, about metrics, C-level support, and whether there is a “right” number of ideas to collect and cultivate. Includes a PDF excerpt from the book.

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    Is Augmented Reality the Next Disruptive Technology?


    Entrepreneur and author David Rose shares his vision of the future of augmented reality. “What the web was in the 90s and what mobile was in the aughts, this is what AR will be in the next decade,” Rose says.

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    Book Excerpt: 3 Types of People You Need to Win Over


    The new book from Shameem Prashantham, Gorillas Can Dance,  presents examples of effective startup engagement strategies from companies like Microsoft, Unilever, BMW, and Cisco. This excerpt discusses the three types of internal corporate players who need to be on board in order to make startup collaborations successful.

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    Why Digital Transformation Programs are Not About Technology


    “If you’re a leader expecting a technological silver bullet, a software panacea to all your business problems, without touching your people and processes,” writes Ger Perdisatt of Microsoft, “you’re going to struggle to derive value from a digital transformation program.” Here’s his advice on digital transformation, excerpted from the new book “60 Leaders on Innovation.”

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    New Book Overview: The Brains and Brawn Company


    Industry leaders combine physical innovation — like logistics, manufacturing, customer service, and quality control — with the digital. Rob Siegel’s new book explores…

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    Digital Body Language: How to Build Trust from Anywhere


    How can you level up your digital presence and keep teams engaged from home? Erica Dhawan, author of the book Digital Body Language, shares tips.