How BMW’s corporate venture capital strategy is changing

Innovation Leader editor Scott Kirsner with Ulrich Quay, Managing Partner of BMW i Ventures, at Innovation Leader’s New York Field Study.

Last November, five years after starting a corporate venture capital group, carmaker BMW announced that it was quintupling its financial commitment, and expanding its field of interest. BMW said it will invest up to 500 million Euros over the next decade, across a broad swath of the tech landscape, from 3D printing to on-demand transportation to smart logistics. BMW also moved its US office from New York to Silicon Valley, and accelerated the decision-making process for making new investments. “You have lots of competitors for the best startups,” explains Ulrich Quay, Managing Director of BMW i Ventures. “You can’t wait for two or three months to get into those deals.”

We spoke to Quay earlier this month about the thinking behind all of the changes.

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