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For this digital collection, we pulled data on the most popular reports, case studies, and resources that our team produced in 2018. What you’ll find inside are the top 12 things we published over the course of the year, plus another 15 "greatest hits" from our strategic partners.

We always like to highlight the fact that Innovation Leader produces 100 percent original content for our members, with their input and guidance, and what you’ll find inside is the result of dozens of interviews conducted in person and by phone, as well as survey responses and discussions at our live events.

Here's a look at what's included in the 37-page PDF document:

Case Studies & Interviews

Office Hours, Part I: Clay Christensen on Amazon, Disruption Fatigue, and Attracting Top Talent 

These are the 14 Things That Kill Once-Great Companies 

Going Deep on Data: How the San Francisco 49ers are Gathering Real-Time Fan Data 

Harvard Business School’s Sunil Gupta on Peloton, Goldman Sachs, and Designing a Digital Strategy That Works 

How Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner is Building a Company that Can Innovate in the Physical and Digital Realms 

Research Reports

Benchmarking Innovation Impact

Blueprints for Corporate Innovators 

Healthcare Innovation Report

Other Resources

A Glossary of Innovation Terms and Strategies

Season #1 of Our New Podcast, “Innovation Answered”

Pointers PDF: Building a Network of Innovation Champions

Innovation Illustrated: Measuring Innovation

Top Resources from Our Strategic Partners