Benchmarking Report 2015

Our Innovation Benchmarking Report 2015, produced in collaboration with Innosight, is a 40-page study of the current state of corporate innovation.

While the full report is available to Innovation Leader members only, the following describes our approach to the study and some sample results. To become a member and access the full report, click here.

Survey approach

  • 25 questions, crafted with input from innovation executives, Innovation Leader, and Innosight
  • 197 qualified responses in Q4 2014, all from corporate innovation executives (including R&D, strategy, new product development, IT, Chief Digital Officers)
  • Largest respondent clusters: Consumer products, technology, healthcare, insurance
  • 43.8% large companies (>$10B rev), 34.6% medium, 21.6% small (<$1b revenue)


• • •


The majority of innovation initiatives are trying to spur both incremental innovation & transformational innovation.

Programs are still young

We defined five stages of program maturity, from ad hoc (earliest) to optimized (most advanced.)

Most teams are small

Largest team sizes represent companies with established R&D/research organizations.

Where do ideas come from?

What else is inside?

  • Why do projects get killed?
  • Who does the program report to?
  • Budget size; amount spent at various stages of development; “cost to kill”
  • Structure: Distributed vs. centralized
  • # of ideas you’re collecting per year
  • # of projects in various stages of development
  • Speed of development
  • Team size at various stages of development
  • What percentage of employees receive innovation training
  • What tools are companies using most often (crowdsourcing, rapid prototyping, etc.)?


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