Audio: Nondini Naqui on hiring for MassMutual’s Society of Grownups

sog-detailA few days after we published our recent report on “Hiring Innovators,” our Boston Field Study crew dropped in on the Society of Grownups, a “learning initiative” and created by insurance giant MassMutual and IDEO, the design firm. Society of Grownups is a space in the Boston suburbs geared to teaching young people about financial planning — but also travel, advancing their career, and food and wine.

Nondini Naqui, CEO of Society of Grownups, talked a bit about how the new venture’s separate culture and separate office space has helped her attract the talent she needs — including software developers. (Naqui is on the right in the photo.)

“This is a totally separate culture — we’ve run it completely differenly,” Naqui says. “That is really what is attractive. We have the stability of a large company standing behind us, but we also have the flexibility to be able to take this in the direction we want, and there’s something appealing about that. Most of the team has never even been to the home office in Springfield,” even though their paycheck says MassMutual on it and their benefits come from the company. (Click play to hear the audio clip.)


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