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  • doctors-co

    Q&A: Setting Up a New Innovation Function from Scratch


    Jim Suchara joined The Doctors Company, a $1.2 billion malpractice insurance carrier, in September 2021. We spoke with Suchara, the company’s Chief Innovation Officer, about entering a new organization to spur innovation.

  • goodyear-assurance-weatherready-soybean-field-20170820

    Goodyear Executive Shares a Roadmap for Company’s Sustainability Goals


    Ellis Jones, Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer at The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, explains how the company’s Global Sustainability Team does its work and highlights how metrics have helped move progress forward inside the organization.

  • sunflowers

    Innovating to Meet Sustainability Goals


    ESG? Agenda 2030? Whatever language your organization is using, it’s likely you’ve set goals related to sustainability. However, there may not yet be a defined team in place, or sufficient resources. Here’s what other companies are doing.

  • insung-yoon-5TP6rQOOU1g-unsplash

    Mapping Three Years of Innovation Activities at TIAA


    A single slide captures three years of innovation activity at TIAA, the $40 billion financial services firm. We asked creator Howard Manzon to explain what’s on the slide; what worked; and what he might do differently in the future.

  • dylan-gillis-KdeqA3aTnBY-unsplash

    7 Tips for Introducing Ideas to Leadership


    “Remember that one person’s idea is another’s cost,” writes veteran entrepreneur and executive Mohan Nair. Here are his tips on how to bring new concepts and ideas forward to leadership — even in non-traditional ways. 

  • 2108420190321_Nutrien_Visalia_2691

    How Ag Provider Nutrien is Making Sustainability Goals Core to the Business


    Mark Thompson, Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy and Sustainability Officer at multinational crop nutrient company Nutrien, shares how embedding sustainability into the core business and ethos of the company can create platforms for growth.

  • CaitBrummeHeadshot

    Member Spotlight: Cait Brumme, MassChallenge


    Cait Brumme is the CEO of MassChallenge, a Boston-based network that supports early-stage startups. We spoke with her about her role as CEO and the importance of prioritizing innovation at companies as part of our IL Member Spotlight series.

  • oshkosh-truck

    The Corporate Blueprint that Helped Make Oshkosh a Sustainability Leader


    Vehicle manufacturer Oshkosh Corp. offers a model for companies that want to understand how to set up a sustainability practice. For the third consecutive year, Oshkosh has been named to the 2021 Dow Jones Sustainability World Index (DJSI) and has been recognized as a Barron’s Top 100 Most Sustainable Companies. We talk to Chief Sustainability Officer Kevin Tubbs.

  • solar-farm

    Three Traits that Make Sustainability Leaders Successful


    Effective sustainability requires multifaceted, open innovation, says Professor Ashley George. As President and Founder of the nonprofit Tech for Good, George shares three key traits that make business leaders successful at building a sustainable practice.

  • christian-kaindl-xnUQO2DwXOo-unsplash

    DuPont’s Chief Technology and Sustainability Officer Talks Metrics


    In an excerpt from the new book Innovation Accounting, authors Dan Toma and Esther Gons talk with DuPont’s Chief Technology and Sustainability Officer about the intricacies of measuring innovation progress.

  • guide-feat

    A Simplified Guide to Web3 and the Metaverse


    Web3 and the metaverse are two concepts that catapulted out of the world of startups, venture capital, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts in 2021. Now, many larger companies are exploring potential use cases and developing strategy for both Web3 and the metaverse. So we’ve created a jargon-free guide to these two concepts, and how they may eventually be linked.

  • bmw-featured

    How Carmaker BMW is Developing Strategy for Blockchain, AI, and the Metaverse


    How do emerging technologies get evaluated, tested, and rolled out in Munich-based BMW Group? We talk to Andrew Luckow, Head of Innovation and Emerging Technologies to get the details.

  • Materion - the James Web Space Telescope illustration

    How $1.5 Billion Materion Set Up Sustainability Governance and Reporting


    The reporting structure of Materion’s six-member sustainability team was set up with the intention of embedding sustainability into company’s strategic planning, decision-making, and core operations. We talk to Jon Newton, the Cleveland company’s Global Director of Sustainability.

  • ethnography-feat

    How to Make Ethnographic Interviewing Your Superpower: 5 Tips


    Learning how to do ethnographic interviews takes a lot of practice — and time. But if you are eager to learn more about what customers say vesus what they actually do, here are five tips to help you get started, from contributing columnist Matt Mueller.

  • building-feat

    Beneath the Buzz: What are Venture Studios and Builders, and How Do They Work with Corporates?


    A growing number of big company leaders like the idea of hiring a firm like this to help them develop that elusive “next big thing.” But it’s a confusing landscape. There are hundreds of organizations of different shapes, sizes, and capabilities that call themselves venture studios, or say that they offer venture building capabilities. We’re trying to make sense of it….

  • Weymouth-Woods_sun

    At Enviva Biomass, Focusing on Four Goals to Achieve Net-Zero by 2030


    Founded in 2004, Eniva Biomass set out to create a renewable, low-carbon alternative to fossil fuels. It is now the world’s largest producer of industrial wood pellets, used to generate heat and electricity. Its goal: operating as a net-zero emissions company by 2030. We talk to Kim DuBose, Director of Commerce and Sustainability.

  • canada-post

    Member Spotlight: George Dunning, Canada Post


    George Dunning is Director of Innovation at Canada Post, a federally-owned Crown corporation and the primary postal service in Canada. We spoke with him about his open innovation framework, and the challenges of innovating inside a large corporation and as part of our IL Member Spotlight series.

  • christian-kaindl-xnUQO2DwXOo-unsplash

    The 9 Myths of Measuring Innovation


    In the new book Innovation Accounting, authors Dan Toma and Esther Gons lay out nine of the common innovation myths of measuring innovation. 

  • andreas-gucklhorn-7razCd-RUGs-unsplash

    How AT&T is Setting Sustainability ‘Stretch’ Goals and Driving Progress


    AT&T is not waiting on government regulation to make its sustainability goals and reporting transparent. Shannon Carroll, AT&T’s Assistant Vice President of Global Environmental Sustainability, shares his advice for companies that want to jumpstart their sustainability efforts or enhance their existing work.

  • no-revisions-UhpAf0ySwuk-unsplash

    How to Change an Innovation Skeptic’s Mind


    While it’s tempting to ignore skeptics, they can improve your idea if they feel included from the beginning. Innovation strategist Matt Mueller shares a techique to help shift perspectives and propel innovation foward.