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    Google Innovation Lead and Harvard Researcher on Overcoming the Challenges to Design Thinking


    Prapti Jha, a Design Strategist and Researcher at Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health, and Harsh Wardhan, an Innovation Program Lead at Google Cloud Solution Studio, spoke with us about what design thinking actually entails, how it can be valuable for innovation and design in large organizations, and misunderstandings and challenges around implementing design thinking. 

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    Mach49 and Schneider Electric: Building a Growth Engine for Clean, Renewable Energy


    As part of our venture studios and builders initiative, Mach49 shared details of its successful collaborations with Schneider Electric, and the company’s corporate venture fund, SE Ventures. The firm has helped launch and invest in a number of companies focused on sustainability and renewable energy. 

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    How Fidelity Investments ‘Builds to Learn’ with Web3 and Metaverse Tech


    As part of our recent research initiative on Web3 and the metaverse, we spoke to Adam Schouela of Fidelity Investments about how they’re experimenting with the two emerging technologies.

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    How Autodesk Has Been Evolving Its Technology Centers in the US and Canada


    Prior to COVID, Autodesk’s Technology Centers in Boston, San Francisco, and Toronto had been inviting in artists, entrepreneurs, and makers to work on projects or new ventures, in the hopes that they could help Autodesk better understand its future customers. “The mission was really about how will things be made in the future,” says Rick Rundell. We talk about what has changed in the past two-plus years…

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    PepsiCo’s Chief Design Officer on ‘The Age of Startups’ and Why Incremental Innovation Isn’t Enough


    Mauro Porcini, Chief Design Officer of PepsiCo, is releasing a new book, The Human Side of Innovation: The Power of People in Love with People, in October. We caught up with Porcini to talk about the book, what he calls “unicorns,” and the importance of integrating breakthrough innovation into organizations. 

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    ‘That First Sip of Fall’: Lessons from the Creation of Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte


    Angie McKenzie was part of the team that created Starbucks’ iconic Pumpkin Spice Latte, which launched in 2003. She spoke with us to share a few key lessons she learned from the project, and discussed challenges innovators in the food and beverage industries face today. 

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    Member Spotlight: Djuana Stoakley, Entergy


    Djuana Stoakley is the Lead Strategic Designer at KeyString Labs. KeyString Labs is the innovation branch of Entergy Corporation, an integrated energy company which delivers electricity to three million customers in the southern United States. We spoke with Stoakley as part of our IL Member Spotlight Series.

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    Venture Studio Profile: Co-Created


    Co-Created is a venture studio headquartered in New York City, which helps corporations to create both spin-ins and spin-outs. As part of our venture studios initiative, we spoke with Ron J. Williams, Partner at Co-Created, to hear about the firm’s collaboration model, the corporations it has worked with, and more. 

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    Venture Studio Profile: Mach49


    Mach49 is a growth accelerator headquarted in Silicon Valley, California, that helps global corporations to build new ventures and expand their corporate venture investing capabilities. As part of our venture studios series, we spoke with Mark Simoncelli, Chief Revenue Officer with the firm, to learn more about its collaboration model, which corporations it has partnered with, and more. 

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    Innovating County Government: Internet Hotspots, Training, and Challenge-Based Procurement


    In the midst of the pandemic, residents of Cuyahoga County without access to the internet at home struggled to stay connected in an increasingly digital world. The Cuyahoga County Office of Innovation and Performance responded quickly, setting up internet hotspots across the county.

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    Inside CareQuest’s Accelerator, Which Seeks to Improve Health Equity and Access


    CareQuest Innovation Partners, an organization focused on oral health transformation, teamed up with MATTER, a healthcare incubation and innovation organization to create SMILE Health, a first-of-its-kind oral health accelerator. SMILE Health is focused around increasing access and equity in oral health for more positive public health outcomes. Kirill Zaydenman, VP of Innovation at CareQuest discussed the accelerator, its upcoming Demo Day, and what’s next for the five companies that have participated. 

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    TBWA\Chiat\Day NY’s First-Ever Innovation Chief on Disruption and New Tech in Advertising


    “What I’m trying to figure out here is, how do we fuse innovation into all different areas of the agency?” says Rori DuBoff, who began as ad agency TBWA\Chiat\Day NY’s first-ever Chief Innovation Officer in June 2022. “The idea wasn’t to come in and create this isolated little group.” More from DuBoff inside…

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    Inside the New ‘InnovationHQ’ at MIT


    MIT’s InnovationHQ stands on the eastern edge of the university’s campus, amidst several on-going construction projects. On one side of the street, Google continues to expand its Cambridge office, and on the other is a building with the MIT-appropriate address of 314 Main Street. It houses a new Boeing R&D center, the MIT Press Bookstore, and the MIT Museum.

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    What It Takes to Win in the Fourth Industrial Revolution


    How do you create a strategy to understand the coming technology shifts — and put your company in a strong position? We’re exploring those questions in a series of video interviews with tech leaders.

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    Spinning Out from Shell: A CEO Shares Advice


    Cumulus Digital Solutions, a Cambridge startup that uses software and sensors to analyze and record the quality of manual work, spun out of the Shell TechWorks innovation center in 2016. Co-founder and CEO Matthew Kleiman discussed how he and his team spun out Cumulus from Shell; why spin-outs fail so often; how Cumulus avoided that fate; and advice for startups looking to work with large corporations. 

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    The 5 Misconceptions in Corporate Innovation (and How to Overcome Them)


    Columnist Mohan Nair lays out the top misconceptions in corporate innovation, and supplies strategies for overcoming them. Misconception #1: “All innovation should be done through operational teams, otherwise it will be a failure.”

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    Data: How Large Organizations Set and Communicate Sustainability Goals


    Our latest survey on sustainability yielded some interesting results on how organizations measure sustainability, who’s involved in setting and achieving goals, and progress made so far. This is part of our sustainability series, underwritten by our partners at Planbox. 

  • McCathren headshot 2022

    Member Spotlight: Michael McCathren, Chick-fil-A


    Michael McCathren is the Senior Principal of Enterprise Innovation at Chick-fil-A. As part of our IL Member Spotlight series, we spoke with McCathren about the various roles his team plays, growing a culture of innovation, and more.

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    I Spent Hours Exploring the Metaverse… Here’s What I Found


    InnoLead’s Meghan Hall spent hours exploring Roblox and Decentraland to compare the two, understand how to use them, and see who’s playing there. 

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    Healthcare Leaders Discuss the Biggest Trends of 2022


    At our most recent event, we gathered several healthcare leaders to chat about the most impactful trends in the industry this year. Prashant Srivastrava of Innosight, Caroline Pepek of MassBio, and Julia Jackson of Takeda shared their thoughts. One of the most impactful trends? Consumer expectations for a customized experience.