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Q&A: What’s Your Top Innovation Issue for 2019?

In a recent Q&A email, we asked the Innovation Leader community the following question: “What’s the top innovation issue you’re going to tackle in 2019?” Inside are a few of the best responses…

How Long Do Corporate Innovation Jobs Last — and What Happens Next?

How long do people typically stay in a corporate innovation role — from innovation manager to Chief Innovation Officer? What do they tend to do next? We analyzed data from more than 150 LinkedIn profiles to find out.

Big Corporates Can’t Innovate — And Other Myths

“Most big corporates have traditionally had a designated R&D department, with a small team of people in charge of driving the company’s global innovation agenda,” writes Genevieve Juillard of Experian, the $4.6 billion credit reporting agency. “But can one team truly push a company forward?” Juillard writes that large companies “must change the way they approach innovation.” Here’s how…

Photos: Setting the 2019 Agenda Breakfast in Boston

To start off the new year, we brought together some members of the Innovation Leader community for coffee and breakfast, to discuss their innovation agendas and goals for 2019. Photos inside…

Live Call Replay: Finding the Right Mix of Internal and External Innovation

Finding the right balance between internal and external innovation can be difficult. Rob Martens of Dublin-based home security company, Allegion, discussed how his company uses venture capital to balances internal and external innovation. Elliot Parker of the venture firm High Alpha also shared external innovation success stories.

Exclusive Book Excerpt: Advice on Innovation Governance, Budgeting and Metrics

In the new book “Today’s Innovator,” former Transamerica innovation exec Aaron Proietti talks about innovation not as an outcome or destination, but as a competency that can help an organization escape the pull of the status quo. “By treating innovation as a competency, rather than an outcome,” he writes, “innovation can be designed into the very fabric, or essence, of the organization to ensure it is contributing exactly what is required of it.” Check out the exclusive excerpt…

Target CEO Brian Cornell on Making Bricks-and-Mortar Stores Work Harder

Target CEO Brian Cornell sounded doggedly optimistic during a talk at the National Retail Federation’s annual trade show in New York on Monday. Despite the gloomy clouds of the Sears bankruptcy and the relentless march of Amazon, Cornell said Target is staying in tune with the millennial consumer; introducing new store brand products rather than trying to grow existing ones; making sure that real-world shopping feels fun and not like a chore; and getting brick-and-mortar stores to work harder, serving as fulfillment and service centers for goods purchased online. Inside are edited highlights from Cornell’s speech, and an onstage Q&A session that followed with NRF CEO Matthew Shay.

Video: Inside Cadillac’s Brand Building Initiative, Cadillac House

Opened in 2015 after the company relocated its headquarters from Detroit to New York, Cadillac House showcases the car company’s brand values to the public. The space includes a free art gallery with rotating interactive exhibits, pop-up stores, a café, as well as the latest Cadillac vehicles. Innovation Leader spoke with brand partnerships leader Katie Kim about the objectives for Cadillac House.

An Annotated Map of 50 Corporate Innovation Hubs in Silicon Valley

Known for high-flying technology unicorns, world-class universities, and venture capital deals getting hashed out over cups of Blue Bottle Coffee, the San Francisco Bay Area is a haven for disruptive ideas. Our list of 50 of the key sites for “big company” innovation in the Bay Area looks at the region though the lens of larger public companies making significant investments in R&D, innovation, or corporate venture capital. We’ve also included some of the venture capital firms, accelerators, and incubators that have the most interaction with corporates.

Live Call Replay: Kate O’Keefe on Building an Innovation Bootcamp with Impact

Cisco’s Hyper Innovation Living Lab, 48-hour innovation bootcamp, has led to two startups, seven patent applications, and over 20 internal growth initiatives so far. Lab founder Kate O’Keeffe discussed how CHILL was developed, the importance of massive inclusion, and advice on how to improve idea challenges. Includes one hour of downloadable audio…