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Sports iLab’s Angela Ruggiero on the Converging Fields of Sports and Technology

Sports teams and franchises have to adapt to keep up with fans’ expectations, embracing new technology that connects them with their customers. Angela Ruggiero, CEO of the Sports Innovation Lab in Boston, talks about how technology can help teams avoid disruption.

Photo Gallery: Seattle Roundtable Exploring the Process of Getting Ideas to Market

The latest roundtable in our on-going Underground series dove into the challenges of sourcing ideas internally and externally, and how to move those ideas through prototyping, pilots, and eventual release into the world. The discussion was led by Virginia Williams, Vice President of Spigit, and Kelsey Alpaio of Innovation Leader. See who was there…

Spanx and Rent the Runway Founders on Building Brands and Shifting the Closet to the Cloud

Picking an outfit can feel like a chore. Even with a full closet, you may feel like you have nothing to wear. One of the most disruptive startups in retail, Rent the Runway, has been focusing on that issue. What if you could assemble the perfect outfit for an occasion online and rent it for a few days or weeks — rather than buying each individual item and keeping them forever?

Master Class Replay: How to Build a Winning Business Case for Innovation Management

Ludwig Melik from our strategic partner, Planbox, focuses on how to manage the innovation pipeline and pitch innovation to the C-suite. Other topics of discussion included, different ways to collect innovative ideas, the importance of partnerships, and how to assess ROI on innovation efforts. Here’s the video replay of a recent Master Class.

Procter & Gamble’s Top R&D Executive Talks Startup Disruption and Investing in Lean Innovation

“We are trying to drive the concept of ambidextrous leadership, recognizing that when you’re running the core big business, it requires a level of operational discipline,” says Kathy Fish, P&G’s Chief Research, Development, and Innovation Officer. “You can’t afford big mistakes. [In contrast,] when you’re creating the future, you don’t know where you’re going. It has to be a culture of experimentation. There has to be a lot of debate, and you need to go off and learn fast and continue to work. That is what we’re working to drive.” Our exclusive interview is inside…

Photos: Innovation Leader’s Impact 2018 Conference in Boston

Innovation Leader brought together 350 strategy, innovation, and R&D executives from around the world this month in Boston for Impact 2018. We learned to row on the Charles River; met with startups at the Harvard Innovation Lab; visited MIT’s Engine incubator for startups focused on “tough tech”; and participated in a case study discussion at Harvard Business School. Photos from the two-and-a-half day event inside…

Harvard Business School’s Sunil Gupta on Peloton, Goldman Sachs, and Designing a Digital Strategy That Works

Harvard Business School professor Sunil Gupta has seen a lot of your attempts to make your company more digital. And he is not impressed. In a wide-ranging interview that touched on Peloton, Goldman Sachs, Best Buy, and Amazon, Gupta talked about going beyond the buzzword “digital transformation” to design a digital strategy that works.

Master Class Replay: Partnering with Startups to Drive Innovation

In our most recent Master Class, Brian Christian from our strategic partner, The Inovo Group, offered advice on how to forge meaningful relationships with startups. He explored the reasons companies work with startups and how to integrate these partnerships into your innovation system. Watch the full Master Class video replay, read about some of the highlights, or download a PDF of the slide deck.

How JetBlue is Navigating the Turbulent World of Corporate Venture Capital

In nearly three years of existence, JetBlue Technology Ventures has put money into 20 startups, which are building everything from more localized weather prediction technology to artificially-intelligent assistants that can help small businesspeople manage their travel plans. “Our mission is to stay ahead of where JetBlue is now—thinking beyond the horizon, two, five, 10 years out—and how travel might change,” says Bonny Simi, President of the corporate venture capital group.

How Platform is Changing What it Means to be a Mall

With more purchases shifting over to e-commerce daily, the retail apocalypse is proving to be more than just media hype about the death of malls and the decline of the independent storefront. So why would two entrepreneurs choose this moment to build a new outdoor shopping center on a ruins of a car dealership in southern California? Despite the dire forecasts, Joseph Miller and his partner, David Fishbein, set out in 2013 to create something that was anything but mall-like. Take a look at Platform inside…