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Agile AF: How Kessel Run Experimentation Lab Innovates in the Air Force

In the world of the Air Force, rank and passing clearances reign supreme, often slowing down new projects. However, Kessel Run’s team of about 200 staffers seeks to move from initial whiteboard ideation to getting working software to users in as fast as 88 days. Find out more from Kessel Run Director Adam Furtado.

Remaking R&D at the Kellogg Company: Podcast

When it comes to consumer packaged goods, the Kellogg Company is a big player, with about $13.5 billion in revenue. But the company’s best-known breakfast items face a tougher landscape as more people choose to skip the most important meal of the day. To find out how the company is reimagining their business through R&D, we sat down with Nigel Hughes, Senior Vice President of Global Research and Development at Kellogg’s. 

25 Corporate Innovation Hubs in London: An Annotated Map

London remains one of the world’s thriving financial centers. Explore our interactive map to see the key players in the ecosystem, from corporate innovation labs to venture capital to accelerators run by organizations like Visa, Barclays, Johnson & Johnson, and the BBC.

Balancing Sustaining and Strategic Innovation Master Class

In our most recent Master Class, Larry Schmitt and Steve Schwartz from The Inovo Group discuss how to balance sustaining and strategic innovation. Other topics  of discussion include the difference between exploitation and exploration activities, factors that create tension between corporate innovation groups and the business units, and different opportunities found along the spectrum of strategic and sustaining innovation. Watch the full Master Class below, read some of the highlights, or download a PDF of the slide deck.

An ‘Office of New Urban Mechanics’ that Nudges City Government to Take Risks

Boston’s Office of New Urban Mechanics, created in 2010, is a civic innovation incubator and a research-and-development lab. But beyond that, it’s also the city’s “risk team, the failure team,” says co-founder Nigel Jacob. Innovation Leader spoke with Jacob to get his advice for other urban innovators.

Podcast Episode: Innovators vs. the Rulebook. Who Wins?

Innovation can be difficult at any company. However, highly regulated industries with a thick rule book — both internally and from the government — face more roadblocks along the innovation journey. In this episode of Innovation Answered, we ask, “How do you make innovation happen in a highly regulated industry?” Guests share perspectives from Cambia Health Solutions, American Express, and Planbox.

Mohan Sawhney on the Merits of Blank Checks for Innovators and ‘Getting the Hell Out of the Way’

In the innovation landscape, where budget and support are often limited, a blank check feels like a dream. But in many companies, blank checks come with a price: a tight time frame to achieve clearly defined outcomes. We talked to Northwestern University’s Professor Mohanbir Sawhney about the benefits of a blank check, getting buy-in from the C-Suite, and measuring results.

AI in Healthcare: CEOs of Philips, GE Healthcare, Siemens Healthineers Talk Strategy

This year’s World Medical Innovation Forum gathered healthcare professionals together in Boston to discuss how artificial intelligence can change the industry. Read highlights from a conversation with CEOs from GE Healthcare, Philips, and Siemens Healthineers approach AI at their companies.

Designing the Supply Chain of the Future at Georgia-Pacific’s Point A Center

Complex supply chains have become an inevitable reality of modern business. No matter the industry, companies face greater pressure to get products to customers faster — with increased visibility and sustainability. Georgia-Pacific’s Point A Center for Supply Chain Innovation launches collaborative pilots between innovators from different companies to tackle these challenges. Program Director Mary Kate Love discusses barriers to supply chain efficiency, Point A’s innovation process, and creating a safe environment for collaboration.

How the Shubert Organization is Putting Startups on the Broadway Stage

As the largest theater owner on Broadway, The Shubert Organization supports the production of musicals and plays in their theaters, and provides infrastructure for marketing and ticket sales. We sat down with Kyle Wright, the Digital Projects Director at Shubert Ticketing, to learn more about the company’s innovation focuses and their new Broadway Tech Accelerator.