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Cisco’s Model for a Bootcamp that Brings Multiple Companies Together to Innovate

Cisco executive Kate O’Keeffe explains the format of the company’s 48-hour “living lab” program, which brings together representatives of multiple companies to explore an opportunity area together. So far, these living labs have led to two startups, seven patent applications, and over 20 internal growth initiatives. In an interview with Innovation Leader, O’Keeffe discussed CHILL’s founding, the structure of the two-daylong journey, and the importance of getting senior leaders into the room.

Master Class Replay: How Innovators and Risk Managers Can Work Better Together

In our most recent Master Class, Mastercard’s Bob Reany and Innovation Leader’s Scott Kirsner shared best practices for working productively with security, legal, and compliance teams. Other discussion topics included: factors that cause tension between teams, the growing importance of security in the customer’s mind, and tactics for building stronger relationships. Watch the full Master Class, read some of the highlights, or download a PDF of the slide deck.

How a Global Network of Innovators Impacted the Culture at Pfizer

“Building an innovation culture is easier said than done,” writes Daniel Seewald, Head of Worldwide Innovation at Pfizer. “And large companies routinely see their culture programs launch and then vanish within a couple of years.” Seewald shares how Pfizer created and honed a global program called “Dare to Try,” and the organizational impact it has had so far.

What Lowe’s CEO Marvin Ellison Means When He Says ‘Retail Fundamentals’ Matter

Lowe’s CEO Marvin Ellison has had a mantra for the company since taking the helm in 2018: “Retail fundamentals.” Here are some highlights from his talk at the National Retail Federation’s annual conference in Manhattan.

An Annotated Map of 50+ Corporate Innovation Hubs in Boston and Cambridge

Boston is home to a fertile innovation scene that attracts corporates who want to keep an eye on the latest research; hire recent grads; and invest in or acquire startups. Players like Microsoft and Mitsubishi are among the old-timers, but more recent arrivals include ASICS, the Japanese shoe company, and Novo Nordisk, the Danish pharma firm. You can see 50+ hubs on our annotated map…

TGI Fridays and AI? The Restaurant Chain’s Chief Experience Officer Explains

“Consumers are what disrupt industries — how they think and how they interact, and what they want from a brand,” says Sherif Mityas, the Chief Experience Officer of TGI Fridays.
Mityas sat down with Innovation Leader to discuss how artificial intelligence and personalization can turn occasional customers into regulars. Listen to the interview or read the transcript inside.

Book Excerpt: How Management Systems Can Support (Or Suffocate) Innovation

How do companies become innovative for the long haul, rather than making it the “flavor-of-the-quarter”? That’s the central question that Nancy Tennant, an adjunct professor at Notre Dame and the University of Chicago, addresses in her new book, “Transform Your Company for the Innovation Universe,” published this month. Tennant was also the Chief Innovation Officer at Whirlpool Corp., where she worked for three decades. We’ve got an exclusive excerpt.

Four Ways Retailers are Combatting Disruption in 2019

At the National Retail Federation’s Big Show 2019, 16,000 retailers from 3,500 brands discussed how to vie for attention from customers that have access to thousands of options at their fingertips. Find out what big retail companies are working on in the age of Amazon to persist past disruption.

Q&A: What’s Your Top Innovation Issue for 2019?

In a recent Q&A email, we asked the Innovation Leader community the following question: “What’s the top innovation issue you’re going to tackle in 2019?” Inside are a few of the best responses…

How Long Do Corporate Innovation Jobs Last — and What Happens Next?

How long do people typically stay in a corporate innovation role — from innovation manager to Chief Innovation Officer? What do they tend to do next? We analyzed data from more than 150 LinkedIn profiles to find out.