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Webcast Replay: Building MVPs to Get Products to Market Fast

Learn the latest tactics on rapid prototyping and market-testing new digital offerings in this 45-minute webcast, led by Bob Klein of Digital Scientists.

Inside Marriott’s M Beta, a Real-World Hotel Designed for Testing New Concepts

Guests who check into Marriott’s M Beta hotel in Charlotte, originally built in 1984 but revamped last year, are immersed in an environment where nearly everything is experimental, and intended to gather feedback. Here’s a look inside…

Q&A: Who Should be on Your Innovation Team?

We asked our community: How do you think about who should be on your innovation team — what kind of roles, and where do you find them? Here’s a summary of the top answers…

Fifteen of the Top Innovation and R&D Labs in Los Angeles

Los Angeles isn’t just about the movie industry; it’s one of the most active cities in North America for innovation in big companies. We created this map to display 15 of the top innovation and R&D labs in area.

Photos: Our ‘Underground’ Executive Roundtable in New York

In early November, we brought together 16 innovation and R&D leaders at MasterCard Labs in New York City for a roundtable co-hosted with our partner, Deloitte. Here are some photos…

Q&A: Who Should We Be Benchmarking Against?

Last week, we asked the Innovation Leader community about how they approach benchmarking. Here are their answers/advice/insights…

Videos: CEO Insights on Disruption, Culture, and Executive Support

How should you be thinking about the impact of disruption in your industry? How do you create a sense of urgency and the “need for speed” in a large organization? Can you really get your CEO to support innovation? These are just a few of the questions we set out to answer during a conversation at the Teach-In with the CEOs of Bose, TripAdvisor, and Eastern Bank. Here are four video excerpts of the discussion…

Want to Win at Business Model Innovation? Put These Four Pillars in Place

“The typical three-year corporate innovation cycle thus has become all too common,” writes former Nike and Intel innovation executive Rick Waldron. “A giddy first year, filled with excitement and enthusiasm…a challenging second year…and a disappointing (and final) third year in which the pipeline has not generated profitable, new billion-dollar businesses.” Waldron shares his advice on escaping that fate.

Q&A: How Should you Budget for the Launch of Your Innovation Program?

Last week, we asked the Innovation Leader community about how they budgeted for the launch of their innovation programs. Here are their answers/advice/insights…

Resource: The Barriers to Innovation in Large Companies, and How to Overcome Them

In this latest downloadable resource, we share the eleven most common barriers to innovation. We present a list of the symptoms that accompany each barrier; questions that can be posed to help your colleagues and senior management better understand the barrier; as well as some solutions which may help you prevail.