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Tackling The Wicked Problem: L’Oreal VP on the Effective Use of Design Thinking in Business

Jackson Wang shares his advice on the most effective ways to use design thinking, highlighting lessons from his work as VP of Retail Design at L’Oreal and Procter & Gamble.

What’s the Level of Innovation Urgency at Your Organization?

How much urgency is there around innovation at your company? The answer to this question can influence how much resistance you’ll face as an internal change-maker, or the resources you can access. Check the answers that best describe your organization, and then get an instant assessment of where you stand.

Cleveland Field Study Photos: Inside American Greetings, KeyBank, Cleveland Clinic, and more

Our 2018 Cleveland Field Study brought over 50 executives together to discuss strategies for forging effective internal partnerships that foster innovation. We toured the offices of Cleveland Clinic Innovations, American Greetings, KeyBank, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and Progressive Field. Photos inside…

Photo Gallery: ‘Benchmarking Innovation Impact 2018’ Launch Event in New York

To coincide with the release of our Benchmarking Innovation Impact 2018 report, sponsored by KPMG, we brought together sixteen innovation professionals to discuss some of the report’s findings. Photos from the event are inside…

IL Master Class: Does Measurement Kill Innovation?

In our recent Master Class on innovation metrics, we explored topics including the difference between “activity metrics” and “impact metrics,” where to start, and how to evolve your measurement regime over time. The session was hosted by Mariko O’Neill, Managing Consultant at PA Consulting, with guest speakers Dan Seewald of Pfizer and Rick Waldron, formerly at Nike and Intel. Webcast replay inside…

Inside the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame’s Transformation

Cleveland’s Rock & Roll Hall of Fame was hardly an ancient institution when Greg Harris took over as CEO in 2013. The building opened in 1995, and the nonprofit foundation behind it was formed in 1983. But upon taking the reins, Harris felt it was time to rethink the way that visitors experienced the Rock Hall itself. That meant reassessing everything from the menu in the café to the policies governing photography to the amount of live music performances that take place in and around the building. We spoke with Harris about what innovation means to his organization, a nonprofit that employs about 140 people, as well as how he measures its impact.

Photo Gallery: ‘Underground’ Roundtable on Digital Transformation at the CME Group

At our recent invitation-only “Underground” roundtable in Chicago, we tackled several topics around digital transformation: how do you define it, who should be involved, how do you overcome cultural barriers, and how do you get things moving with a sense of urgency? Photos inside…

How the Cleveland Clinic Sifts Ideas — and Spins Out New Ventures

With more than 52,000 employees generating about 300 inventions a year, the Cleveland Clinic doesn’t want for innovation. But the tough task facing Cleveland Clinic Innovations, a group founded in 2000, is to help as many of those inventions as possible find their way into the healthcare system. Executive Director Pete O’Neill explains how they do it…

How a New Lab at Mass General Hospital is Spurring Internal Innovation and Working with Startups

Julia Jackson, the Managing Director of Mass General’s Healthcare Transformation Lab, explains the three pillars of what the lab works on, as well as the importance of having “boots on the ground.”

Webcast Replay: Navi Radjou on How You Can Implement Frugal Innovation

Navi Radjou, whose TED talk on frugal innovation has garnered over 1.6 million views, explains some of the values driving the phenomenon, and answers questions from webcast participants. “Frugal innovation is a strategy more than a concept,” Radjou says. “It’s a way of creating more economic and also social value using fewer resources. It is the ability to do a lot more with a lot less.” Includes a three-minute excerpt and the full 30-minute webcast…