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Nurturing New Ideas About Food at Campbell Soup Company

One of the core values at Campbell Soup Company is “own it like a founder.” This message is plastered on the walls throughout the company’s headquarters in Camden, NJ, along with the message of “dare to disrupt.” The disruptive innovation team at Campbell’s utilizes a variety of other tactics to harness innovation throughout the company. Megan Bozzelli, Disruptive Innovation Manager at Campbell Soup Company, walked us through some of the ways her team works to achieve these goals.

How Bayer is Cultivating an Ecosystem of Consumer Health Startups

More than a century after patenting Aspirin, Bayer is investing in new ecosystem engagement initiatives, like its G4A programs, to discover potential partnerships with players and startups outside its walls.

Q&A: What Rewards Have You Offered Employees for Developing a Proof of Concept or MVP?

We asked corporate executives how their companies reward employees who develop a proof of concept or MVP. Cash, stock, and recognition were among the answers.

Putting Emerging Technologies to the Test in a 12,000-Employee Hospital System

How do you innovate in an environment where everyone is busy, and everything is legitimately an emergency? John Halamka, Chief Information Officer for Boston’s Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and a practicing emergency room physician, shares his advice on bringing new technologies into a large healthcare organization — and discusses some of the projects he has worked on recently with Amazon and Google.

How Campbell’s Soup Launched a New ‘Buy One, Give One’ Product

Direct-to-consumer products are rare at Campbell’s Soup. Here’s a look at how the Soulfull Project launched one.

What New York Life Has Learned from Six Years in Corporate Venture Capital

In recent years, New York Life’s Ventures unit has been amping up its investments in “frontier technologies” that may be able to improve the client experience, streamline its own internal operations, and help grow the business for the future.

Photos: NYC and San Francisco Executive Roundtables with PA Consulting

At two recent invitation-only roundtables in New York City and San Francisco, we gathered executives to discuss best practices and learnings around becoming more customer-centric and applying artificial intelligence and machine learning. Photos inside…

IL Master Class: Tactics and Timelines for Changing Culture

What does it mean to try to change the culture in an established enterprise to drive innovation, and how can you make your goals specific? Gary Getz and Michel van Hove of Strategos explain — and answer questions from corporate innovators — in this one-hour webcast replay.

What are the Biggest Challenges of Customer-Centric Companies?

In a recent New York City Underground Roundtable with PA Consulting Group, participants discussed the biggest challenges of leading a customer-centric company during the customer-led revolution.

Q&A: Are There Executive Recruiters Who Help You Hire for Innovation Roles?

We recently asked members of the IL community if they used executive recruiters to find talent for innovation roles. See which strategies and recruiters they recommended.